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  1. 275/70/17 on Stock Sport Wheels

    Depends on if you have crash bars on ur Ranger in the US no chance
  2. Ford UK Sweater

    Can confirm Jumpers are sweaters
  3. Engine cover

    I know one thing for sure, the cover dampens the injector noise. It’s subtle but enough reduce it sounding like a sewing machine.
  4. Ford November Sales...Downturns abound

    I’d say Ford are in a better position to weather the storm and once vaccines are distributed and confidence returns have killer models. Mach-e Bronco, new F150 all look good for 2022 sales and should refill the coffers imo. Europe is a different story tho.
  5. Let's try to build a DIY, easy to make Auto Fold Mirror module.

    I’m not sure how you can reverse engineer the micro controller without having a programmer and one to hand. Which would mean buying one?
  6. Wheel Spacers... safe?

    Spacers are fine as long as you get well made hubcentric ones spec to ford trq ratings and check them often to ensure they are tight. will you need them? No if you are planing to just go to 265/70/17 on OEM but if you want to go bigger id personally get better offset lighter wheels, you don’t...
  7. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    I’ve been avoiding this thread for a long time and sure enough as I suspected I overpaid. Happy y’all got some killer deals tho! EDIT: XLT Supercrew 2wd Sport Pack Full Leather Ford bed liner PPF Tinted Glass for the truck alone out the door price: I added a longer warranty and Gap and...
  8. Faulty battery?

    I travel a lot and mine can sit for a month and always starts. unless there is a parasitic drain somewhere (mods for example) it must be a duff one.
  9. Year old new Rangers Concerns

    In the UK cars are often in compounds all winter as sales dry up over the holidays. I’ve seen convertibles been sat for over a year. I don’t see any concerns personally but it’s never wrong to check!
  10. Rat caught in cab of truck!

    Might have been hiding in the truck a week, I wonder if it sneaked in the door or something at one point? Crazy. here is a good video for Helping preventing or getting rid of these guys around our vehicles:
  11. Stock Bridgestone DUELER 255/65R17 for winter

    They are possibly the worst OEM tires I’ve ever had. Not very confidence inspiring in the wet and ice is something you will want to avoid. Not sure on others but they seem to be wearing pretty fast too
  12. What’s your truck inhaling? Best air filter shootout!

    After the raging fires in CA before I moved I pulled the Cabin filter out and it was grim. From now on I’m replacing it every year. Fancy Charcoal or not as long as it’s fresh I don’t care, I know its helping.
  13. Considering a Ranger

    Since 2015 I have owned 2 S550 Coyote mustangs a Ford Fiesta and the Ranger and non of them gave me any hassle. I’ve traditionally been a Euro guy but I’ve had no issues so I have to concede that they have been better than any BMW or VW product I’ve owned. Nevertheless I am sorry u have had...
  14. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Took the ol’ 2wd up a few gravel roads in Colorado this weekend
  15. 2.3L Ecoboost motor the same between the Mustang & Ranger?

    The article states that it is the first electronic wastegate on the 2.3 so is not the same part as ST/RS/Mustang
  16. Oil Life at 57% with only 667 miles since change

    I’ve had the oil life thing in my last 4 Ford’s and 2 things it goes extreme on: stop signs & quick pulls from lights in cities and when it’s been sat awhile (left my Mustang in a airport car park for two months this year with COVID and it must have a counter that increases over time when not...
  17. 2.3L Ecoboost motor the same between the Mustang & Ranger?
  18. Is it bad for a 2wd truck suspension to flex like this?

    That’s a cool angle, you made me realize I can get more bold next time in in the mountains
  19. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    I know it’s not in the wild sorry, but I found this interesting spec’d STX with Leather!