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  1. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    My current suspension is the basic 4X2. The ride really is not bad. Better then some FX4's that I rented prior to buying this truck. I am actually surprised at how well it rides. You are correct about the fx2 suspension. I was thinking of about a 2" lift in the front. And better shocks all...
  2. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    Yep, that is the long term plan. Like someone recently stated. A nice Ranger can easily turn into a money pit. I wanted both the black package and the FX2. Could only get one. Chose black plus the dif. Now I get to mod it into a FX2 minus the sticker.
  3. What did you buy on Black Friday?

    My all time favorite Black Friday purchase was a new 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club in Machine Metal grey. Still have it, still love it. It turns out my Miata and my Ranger both have the exact same acceleration times. The Miata just feels faster because it is closer to the ground. The ranger is...
  4. DIY Pre-Cut Paint Protection film kits

    Ultimate Beginners Guide To Caring For The Paint On Your Ranger in the cleaning and detailing section of the forum is the above thread. the video showing cleaning prepping and...
  5. Flat tire and it's really hard to find OEM tires.

    Same problem in 2021. only 300 miles on the truck and I am already replacing a Bridgestone dueler 265/60 R 18 HT, The dealer say's it will be a couple of days. and around $250.00. maybe I should have bought that road hazard insurance?
  6. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    Success, only 2 small tears, Nicked the paint and broke a tab removing the valance.
  7. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    The slot is 3/4" below the rail. It looks like I will be attempting surgery on the lower valance. I am terrible when it come to cutting things in a straight line. If I mess it up, a 2020MY valance will work, I would just have to paint it to match. I will wait until I am in a better mood...
  8. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    I am pissed. I bought the missing front tow hooks. Not only did "FORD" remove them, While the bolt holes are still there, they changed the lower bumper making it impossible to install, without buying a new lower bumper or performing surgery to the existing bumper to install them. Any...
  9. Ecoboost Emblem

    Ford Soft folding, It turns out that I like it much better then expected. Not having to deal with snaps or Velcro is a big plus. Very easy to use.
  10. Ecoboost Emblem

  11. Ecoboost Emblem

  12. Front Tow Hook Torque Spec?

    Search function works great. This is the exact information that I was looking for and the Dealer could not provide.
  13. Ecoboost Emblem

    Came the the truck. it is 2021 Black appearance package.
  14. Ecoboost Emblem

    After reading all of the different mods that can be done to these rangers, One of the simplest ones is to debadge the EcoBoost Emblem. I decided to do this today. And Lo and Behold, Ford has already accomplished this for me. It appears that Ford has deleted the EcoBoost Emblem from the 2021...
  15. SuperCab rear seat area storage mods?

    under the head rest is a flap. raise the flap, pull out the child seat strap and under it all is a 13mm bolt. Remove the bolt. pull the seat slightly forward while lifting the head rest. the head rest will pull free. reinstall the bolt.
  16. SuperCab XLT Seat Delete

    Thank You, your photo was great inspiration. I found a $8.00 yoga mat. 4mil thick. trimmed it to fit. the yoga mat was cheaper then a rubber mat, and looks great.
  17. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    I may have a line on some factory tow hooks. I will probably need to provide the bolts for installation. I know the original bolts have a 15mm head. what size bolt, length and pitch should I buy to install these. the one from ford are part number W720626-S900 They run in cost between...
  18. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    2021 Ranger, SCab, 4X2, Lariat. Race Red Black appearance package 501A Technology package Electronic differential Tow Package The missing tiedown hooks Black platinum tailgate letters the tailgate assist The missing Lariat engine cover. Other cost: Dealer prep fee Delivery fee Taxes and fees...
  19. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    The front tow hooks were list on the specs for the 2020 build, there were no specs available for the 2021 build when I ordered the truck. the public specs were released after I received the truck. Ford appears to have changed the specifications for this part on the 2021 4X2 build.
  20. 4X2 Front Tow hooks

    I must have built the 2021 a hundred times using the 2020 builder, Early on I attempted to research the front tow hooks. The picture of my build always showed it with the tow hooks. I even printed out the picture and hung it on my wall once the truck was ordered. The 2021 build and price does...