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  1. Shocks and Struct labor cost

    I paid $170 at a very good tire shop here in town. Had it done in about two hours.
  2. California Fancy Pedal Covers

    Put me down for a set please!
  3. Beautiful Pictures

    Here are a few from work yesterday.
  4. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    If it didn't have "Maverick" on the tailgate I would say this is the 6g Ranger.
  5. Tennessee Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Cover

    Sorry I sold it on Friday. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Tennessee Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Cover

    $25 and If I sent tomorrow would be there by end of the day on Saturday.
  7. Starting Ranger with FordPass in cold weather

    I had this issue this morning but said oh well. Went out and the truck was unlocked. Locked and tried again and it started right up. So maybe you forgot to lock the doors the night before. The app will not tell you if the truck is locked or not.
  8. Tennessee Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Cover

    Alright lets get this thing gone $75 plus shipping.
  9. Stage 3's 2020 Black Friday Deals & Discounts!

    And you Sir are great!! Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Stage 3's 2020 Black Friday Deals & Discounts!

    Quit toying with me LOL what's the Eibach Black Friday sale. LOL!!!! Im ready to order!!!
  11. Eibach shocks

    Thanks y'all for the replies.
  12. Eibach shocks

    So this might have been answered I skimmed everything but didn't see it. Can you move the snap ring once these are installed? I want to do this but I am not in the market for new tires just yet. So was thinking to do a slight rise up front but not the full amount until I am ready for a larger...
  13. Tennessee Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Cover

    I have a new in box Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover that I purchased. However I realized it was for a 6ft bed. My lost your gain, $150 plus shipping.
  14. Black Friday?

    Thanks for the reply.
  15. Black Friday?

    Any deals on Eibach or Bilstein for Black Friday?
  16. FordPass - Points and Service Records Not Showing

    I called today for a similar reason and was told that they been having issues with there systems since June or July. They were going to escalate my case and manually inout the points. Hope this helps.