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  1. Tray Style Floor Liners?

    I wish 3D MAXpider made their KAGU style for our trucks. Had them in my Escape and Cherokee Trailhawk. Nice texture, less slippery. I have HUSKY now.
  2. Nitto Ridge Grappler Questions

    Mine are quiet. No issues yet with wear or in wet conditions, no vibration. May switch to 35 x 12.50 this spring. I'll be adding a rear leaf and going up one notch on the Eibach kitin the front and adding after market UCA's.
  3. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    I have the smooth style wider version to put on mine. This makes me want to sell them and go this route.
  4. Bushwacker Fender flares /bolt on look, no drilling.

    You reuse your stock ones. I may tint mine. Dropping them off tomorrow with the grille. Ordering the Air Design Bumper overlay too so I hopefully eliminate the weird bumper to flare difference.
  5. Diamondback Covers

    Just order mine too. Glad I checked here to see if there were discounts first. Quantity Item Rate Amount 1 DIA-FR19-CX DiamondBack Black HD Tonneau Cover 2019 Ford Ranger 5'1" Bed $2,049.00 $2,049.00 Customer Discount Ranger Forum Pricing -7.5% $-153.68 Subtotal $1,895.32 Tax (5.3%) $100.45...
  6. Ultimate Long Travel Expedition Ranger build

    The bumper looks great! Wish it extended out some more on the sides to line up with extended flares.
  7. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    Feels a bit better. I think most of the bounce/floaty-ness is from the lightweight leafsprings in the back. Offroad it's smooth though. Hit ruts and bumps with ease.
  8. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    I still get it. Had it since May. More now that I changed out tires and wheels and added the Eibach Suspension lift. Get compliments daily.
  9. Has anyone installed Fabtech's crash bars?

    I have them still in the box. Haven't put them on yet since I got my lift.
  10. Eibach in the works

    Correct. My shop read the instruction for the shocks using the stock springs and set mine too high. Rode like shit and I had positive camber. Found the .pdf and took it back to have it fixed and it needs to be on the bottom setting with the Eibach spring. Rides great now. (No instructions were...
  11. Need Help with Fast rim sizing

    I have FUEL Nitro wheels on mine. Stock center bore is 93.1, my aftermarket wheels are 106.3. You can get custom Hubcentric rings here Takes a while, mine are still on order. not sure if they'll make a noticeable difference?
  12. Horrible MPG's

    Had for 3 months almost 11k on it. Averaged 22.5 mostly Sport mode and used cruise on the highway. Added Eibach lift springs and shocks plus new Nitto Ridge Grapplers (285/70 17) and new Fuel Nitro wheels and averaged about 18.5 so far this past week it's been on. I run 93Octane.
  13. Bushwacker Fender flares /bolt on look, no drilling.

    Painting...maybe LineX in Magnetic to color match Sport Trim prior to install. They look great!
  14. Raptor style Grille Lights

    Bought them direct from Custom Auto Works on eBay. Same manufacturer. Test fit and they line up perfect. Just waiting on paint before i put the grill on my truck.
  15. Halloween HPR LARIAT FX4 build.

    Just eyeballing it with 17x9 wheels and 1mm offset 285/70 17 tires I', about 1.75 - 2" of poke
  16. Gas Milage With Lift

    Seem to be averaging about 18 combined in sport mode. Fuel Nitro Wheels, 3inch/1"back Eibach Lift and Nitto Ridge grappler 285/70 17's.
  17. Halloween HPR LARIAT FX4 build.

    I'll get a measurement. Measured the other day from pavement to fender and it was around 41", didn't think to measure that. It has a little "poke" but not ridiculous. I like the wider stance.
  18. Halloween HPR LARIAT FX4 build.

    Smooth style Bushwacker flares just came in!
  19. Aftermarket wheel options

    Fuel Nitro's on 1 mm offset 285/70 17 Ridge Grapplers. Getting a little vibration at 65-75 MPH so ordering custom hubcentric rings. 106.3 to 93.1 that hopefully cure the issue.
  20. Hubcentric Rings

    Ordered custom 106.3 mm -> 93.1 mm rings for my FUEL Nitro wheels