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  1. Screwed out of my 42,000 Ford Reward Points by Ford

    While I understand your frustration...I'm flabbergasted that you want to hold a corporate entity accountable because your dealership and more so your sales guy screwed you. Ford is clear with their rules governing the program and your dealership ineptitude should reflect directly on them. I'd...
  2. Hello From Boomba!

    Welcome aboard y'all; I had some of your parts on my Focus and my Fusion. Solid stuff.
  3. 2020 vent visors?

    Try a search for 2019 Rangers - same, same.
  4. Tow Haul Mode?

    Redland is right, in layman's terms. It provides a noticeable difference when under load. I've hauled an 18' dual axle trailer several times and could immediately tell when I hadn't activated the mode. The truck behaves much better with it on. I'd suggest cycling it on and off under different...
  5. Old Man EMU

    Yeah, I've gone through this from the beginning. Ford actually replaced my DS spring under warranty because it was 1" off. I have the shims and all and it's better, but still not how I feel it should be; I haven't pressed the issue further because I knew I'd replace the springs anyway.
  6. Old Man EMU

    That's better than the 1/2" or more that mine is off. 😭
  7. Old Man EMU

    So, after putting the shim back in and after the alignment, what is the side to side difference?
  8. Old Man EMU

    It sits level with the one shim on the driver's side? Sorry, The I couldn't tell where the bottom of the fender is on the bottom pic; both at 40.75" approximately?
  9. Stock Wheel Size

    Check your doors; it has the PSI recommendation and the tire size. Or check the tires themselves for the size.
  10. Old Man EMU

    I wonder what the differences between the OME and the much anticipated Icon leaf packs will be... Jason?
  11. Ranger less powerful than the competitors?

    Haven't we already had our eyes bleed by reading another article about how awful the Ranger was and an article in which our very own Phil was "qouted" by this website? FAKE NEWS!
  12. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    Sounds like your dealership doesn't know what they're talking about. Having a tune on your truck, Ford Performance or another company, does not automatically void your warranty - ever. Ford has to prove that the tune caused whatever damage you're trying to have warrantied. They would go to Ford...

    If it's just as simple as a lift kit, just buy a lift kit or a level kit, there are plenty out there. If upgrading your suspension is important too, then Eibach will likely be the most bang for your buck as I doubt you'd utilize the Icon suspension enough to justify the price.
  14. Dumbest 5G Ranger question... ever! Read on...

    You're right, that was the dumbest, but even dumber is your salesperson; seriously, what the hell?! :crackup:
  15. Trading in my XLT after one month for an FX4?

    You gotta do what you feel is best for you. Some will say no, others will say "go for it," but in the end, you've got to decide; we don't know your finances. The current offers by automakers is ridiculously good, I'll agree.
  16. Survey: Options for mounting QuickFist clamps in the bed

    What is it that you're trying to mount or secure in the bed? I would, in now way, ever - drill, screw, tap, or otherwise mess with the sheet metal for a mount. Perhaps knowing what it is that you're trying to secure will aid in helping you to find a solution short of chopping your truck up.
  17. 2003 ford ranger starter cost

    Hi Ray, while you may get an answer, you're on the forum of the newest 5G Ranger, 2019 and up. I'm positive you'll have much better success and a ton more answers on the appropriate forum. Good luck to you, sir.
  18. Lurching into 1st on downshift...

    I'll say this - the transmission is an engineering feat and overall excellent. The occasional mismanagement of the computer to control gear selection would in no way affect my decision to buy another vehicle with the same transmission. IMO.
  19. Mishimoto R&D: Ranger 2.3L Performance Air Intake

    Thanks for the well written article; I'm interested to see what y'all come up with.
  20. Lurching into 1st on downshift...

    Mine "clunks" into 1st gear, but only when I am using 'S.' It doesn't do it at any other time.