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  1. Audio System "Enhanced" Engine Sound and your Subwoofer

    I can't say for sure if it's the front, rears or both but I do know when my sub was tied into the rear speakers I could hear the fake noise. Last week I changed the sub inputs to the front speakers & I haven't heard any fake noise from the sub since. The rear speaker wires enter the B pillar...
  2. Aftermarket subwoofer

    I don't have the B&O setup & I tied into the rear wires behind the B pillars but after I had already cut the wires I realized they enter from the rear & not the front (I'm guessing it has something to do with the enhanced engine sound). You could probably tie into the rear speakers by just...
  3. Lower grille insert

    Looks interesting.... They show 2 different versions....with & without ACC but show the same pic for both.....I'm guessing the one for ACC actually looks different.
  4. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    I'm not sure if I did that one or just forgot about it.....prob just forgot. Thanks for the info! @Stockranger I hope that works for you.
  5. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    It's possible, mine was built in March.
  6. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    Interesting.... I know the "as-built" settings I posted are what I used but maybe I had to change something in the menu section & I just don't remember. When I get a chance I'll connect to mine & see what they are set at.
  7. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    It should.....the menu section didn't work for me either.
  8. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    The wire for dedicated drl was pinned on my truck's harness (pin 6). Moving the drl to the strip worked for me using these forscan settings: BdyCM (As-Built) Find 726-45-01: xxxx XXxx xxxx Allows All DRL Options Change To: 7F Find 726-50-01: XXXX Change to below: Dedicated DRL - 108E - lariat...
  9. Hyperblink with OEM halogen bulbs

    I did the same thing when I received my recall (built in March). BTW, dealer said mine was bad.
  10. Back seat issues.

    That problem was the 2nd TSB issued. Dealer should've taken care of that.
  11. Hyperblink with OEM halogen bulbs

    According to the recalls thread the dates are June 4, 2018 through August 16, 2019. I would check that connector...
  12. Eibach Pro lift kit on 2WD

    Same here, was told via email expected ship date of 12/13 to 12/17
  13. Eibach Pro lift kit on 2WD

    When did you order yours?
  14. Suspension Upgrades?

    Great to hear. I would like to drop the rear 2" but I could live with a 1" drop if it's cheaper & easy to install
  15. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    I don't have a damper installed & there is slack in the driver's side cable...passenger side cable seems to be carrying the load.
  16. I guess I'm gonna be the Guinea pig

    If you use the eibach front springs you will get 3" of lift even with them set at the lowest position. The 0" to 3" settings are only when using the OEM springs. Start at this post & view the ones that follow.
  17. Compatibility of U.S. to Euro and Aussi spec rangers???

    Doesn't fit
  18. Hellwig rear sway bar kit is.....

    Ouch, I was hoping it would be closer to the price of the Colorado kit @ $400.00.
  19. Painting Ranger Raptor Grille

    It can be tough to get a nice finish with gloss rattle cans. If you have an automotive paint store in your area I suggest getting some SEM bumper or trim paint (or whatever they suggest).....that stuff usually spays very nice. I would do a base coat then use a clear with the hardener.
  20. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    Selected a dealer & price went down to $47.50