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  1. JB4 Tune (Burger Motorsports)

    So exciting! How much extra boost do you expect on the regular map. Thanks so much for the updates.
  2. JB4 Tune (Burger Motorsports)

    Any update? i had the JB1 on my VW GTI and loved it.
  3. 1st service nightmare

    Wow guys. Thanks for all the replies. Sorry for the delay in responding, ive been camping out of cell service range. I actually didnt realize until i stopped for gas and smelled burnt oil, so i popped the hood. i think a few drops got on the header, or on the turbo shield. Since i didnt have...
  4. 1st service nightmare

    I took my truck in for my complementary 1st maintenance yesterday. Long story short, I popped the hood this morning and the dipstick was unseated from the manifold, and oil has sprayed everywhere. I called the dealer, and am bringing it back in Monday morning. any advice on what I should ask...
  5. Georgia (WTS) Stock Running Board (Atlanta, GA)

    Met @Robert Ferguson son on Sunday. Great folks! Thanks again.
  6. Gas Mileage 3000 miles, 22.1 average over all fill ups. that includes 150~ miles off road, 50 in 4x4.
  7. Georgia WTB 17" Sport Rims

    Thanks! Fantastic working with Snorebaby. Hope to see you again!
  8. Georgia (WTS) Stock Running Board (Atlanta, GA)

    Ill actually be on the West Coast of FL (bradenton) the 21st & 22nd. Any chance you can drive across to get them there?
  9. Georgia (WTS) Stock Running Board (Atlanta, GA)

    Took them off as soon as i got home from the dealer. $200 OBO Located in Atlanta. Willing to meet. SOLD