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  1. Dinged wheel during tire rotation

    Very nice. This is good to hear. Discount Tire... noted. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  2. Ford Factory drop in bed liner

    Mine came with it. Dealer install. I was not at all happy until I progressed far enough in my negotiations to actually go to this particular dealership and saw it myself. It has quickly grown on me. It's heavy duty like they've always been but really fits a lot better than the one in my dad's...
  3. Who Loves Their B&O Sound System?

    I love it! A major factor in my choice of the Ranger.
  4. White letters in or out?

    I'm a black wall guy but the white letters out on the white truck looks pretty good. I vote Out.
  5. Cup Holder lights?

    Hmmm.. Looked that up. Says it comes with the foot well lights, which I already have. Also says "choice of seven color options to create the ideal ambiance for any mood ". Do you (or anyone) know if these tie into the overall system so the color changes with the rest of the lights from the...
  6. Cup Holder lights?

    my 2015 Mustang GT Premium had cup holder lighting with the ambient lighting. Really liked it! Was a bit bummed when the Ranger did not. Footwell lighting.. I thought I didn't have it but found it was because I was looking in the day time. Come night and there they were. That was nice.
  7. Go Rhino - Black Exhaust Tip

    I had to go get a deep well socket but I used a 3/8 drive ratchet. Lubing the threads in advance did the trick, per a previous suggestion back in this thread. WD-40 or your preference of penetrating lube. Maxima MPPL Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube is what I had on hand.
  8. I think my Ranger looks just right.

    Did that too. What a sweet and simple upgrade!
  9. I think my Ranger looks just right.

    Truck looks great, OP! 84 yo arthritis crippled mom over here. Definitely using these running boards for her. And a small step stool. She's talking another 20 years too! :D
  10. Go Rhino - Black Exhaust Tip

    Got this installed. What a huge difference! I did fail to snap a before picture prior to painting the pipe but I did get some pre and post tip install. Really, once you (I) realize how the factory exhaust looks it just can't be unseen. And after reading about the poor cut one of y'all posted...
  11. Blacked Out Tailpipe

    The stock pipe looks terrible. Nice DIY mod! I'm going to do this too. .. but I also ordered up an inexpensive black tip from another thread.
  12. 2019 Ranger and front bumper bull bar

    Daaaaamn! O_O
  13. GoRhino Sport Bar 2.0

    That looks great!
  14. Cup Holder Hero Interior Trim Kits

    Nice! Ordering..
  15. Bed Extender

    Really easy installation! Couldn't be happier with it! Thanks for the info and tips, everyone.
  16. Bed Extender

    Perfect! Thanks for the picture. Looks like this will be as simple and painless as I'd hoped.
  17. Bed Extender

    So you just drilled the holes and bolted through the drop-in bed liner? I'll be installing mine tomorrow and have been looking for pics of an install with the drop-in liner. I was thinking I might need to cut a notch out of the liner on each side with a Dremel. Haven't really looked closely at...
  18. Rangerlifts vs SVC level kits

    Interesting. So it seems this Zone Offroad kit combines both of these two approaches. "Zone Offroad kit uses a 2-piece design with a smaller top mounted steel strut spacer in combination with a preload spacer." I...
  19. Proper Tire Pressure

    Same here. Ice on windshield just a few days after I got the truck, ran the windshield washer to de-ice... fluid light comes on. Pretty annoying, tbh. Hate having a service type light on with a literally brand new truck. Autozone, picked up a gallon, took almost all the gallon to fill the...