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  1. Light Bars??

    30" Rigid Radiance Spot/Flood Rigid Cube Pro D SS Flood
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    What bracket did you use for the hood pod lights?
  3. Raptor update

    Thank you! Took me awhile to decide but I wanted a low profile simple bumper. we don’t get a lot of cars that NA gets so the feeling is mutual.
  4. Raptor update

    BFG KM3 Option X Bumper Rigid Bar Jaos flaps
  5. Good mud flaps?

    Angle showing how the tire extends out
  6. Good mud flaps?

    I hesitated on getting aftermarket mud flaps for a long time. i pulled the trigger because my tires were throwing rocks onto the body, this is what it got
  7. Moved to Asia from Texas - Raptor Purchase

    Update on the raptor
  8. Moved to Asia from Texas - Raptor Purchase

    Nice! Where in Manila are you? we have the 3.2 Everest, not a bad engine if only it had the 10 speed. Let me know if you want to meet up sometime, I am in the south, alabang area. Any plans for the Everest?
  9. Whats your height/measurement?

    Whats your stock and aftermarket fender to ground measurement through the center of the wheel? Front and back.
  10. Arctic White Ranger Raptor from Manila

    Y yes sir. I added an awning as well, small but useful when camping
  11. Arctic White Ranger Raptor from Manila

    Nice! I have pups myself, one of the reasons I got top flip!
  12. TheMarkP SEMA build thread

    Yeah I heard it was a harder conversion then they thought! I am enjoying the ranger raptor, going off roading in a few hours. Very different than a bagged VW lol I love going over bumps now.
  13. TheMarkP SEMA build thread

    Small world! I know Mark P from the VW/Audi scene, I was the group from Texas and we met either at H20 or SOWO or Texas or all 3! I am now in the Philippines, driving a Ranger Raptor and I come upon this thread. So awesome Mark, cant wait to see it all done! Have you spoken to Ben regarding a...
  14. RANGER "RANGER RAPTOR" 17"X8.5" DYNO GRAY WHEEL **Now Available**

    I too don’t like black wheels because it’s like you don’t have any wheels lol you don’t see the design until you are up close
  15. Arctic White Ranger Raptor from Manila

    I wish they would get ahead of the problem and just do a recall and not wait for customers to come back crawling with faulty injectors! I am in alabang! Going back to jungle base this Sunday if you are interested in hitting the trail
  16. Tire Size Fitment Master Thread

    Fuel shok 17x10 -18 Caster adjustment to move the wheel forward some rubbing in full lock but not to much to require trimming
  17. Tire Size Fitment Master Thread

    275 70 17 BFG KM3 17x10
  18. RANGER "RANGER RAPTOR" 17"X8.5" DYNO GRAY WHEEL **Now Available**

    The track width of the ranger raptor(suspension, not just wheels and tires) is wider than a regular ranger. Thats why this on a regular ranger will need spacers