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  1. Ford Partial Restart of Production

    The video is working for me. Maybe you already got it running ? I am very proud of Ford for stepping up on this.
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Since pollen season is upon us, I finally gave it a bath followed by a coat of wax. Much better now!
  3. Transmission issues

    I used to do clutch replacements on class 8 semi tractors along with other maintenance. The drivers all thought that they were such awesome drivers that they did not need to use the clutch. Really, then how come it's worn down to the rivets ?
  4. Do the TPMS Sensors need to be re-trained during tire rotation?

    You do not have to reset your TPS sensors when you rotate the tires. If you install new or different sensors then you will have to retrain the sensors.
  5. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    10 months and 5568 miles. Always smiling with a trip to the harbor.
  6. New vs Old, Then and Now

    My first car ‘62 Ford Fairlane 500. My current.
  7. Nice Ranger production factory video

    I do believe it is. Same Bat Channel.
  8. Question about the Global vs US body style.

    If you try and it doesn't fit, we told you so. If it does fit, we lied.
  9. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I got 2 things in the mail. 1st. was the recall confirmation that parts are available for the tail light recall. 2nd. was the DMV registration renewal...................................... $598.00 such a bargain, :thumbsdown:NOT! I can't believe that it is coming up on 1 year since i got the...
  10. How’d I do?

    You got a good deal at $9,000 off MSRP. Be happy and enjoy it!
  11. Right front seat head rest too far forward

    It is actually on quite a few different Ford models now.
  12. What's this???

    Mine came loose about 3 months ago. I just helped it the rest of the way out. It doesn't seem to make any difference.
  13. Baby Ranger in 2021?

    That would be 2 HP............................ hampster power
  14. Wheel Spacers on Stock Rims

    I went with the Bora 1" and like the flush mounted look.
  15. Recall Rear Tail Lamps

    I went by and checked with my dealer yesterday about parts availability. Service writer told me they first have to inspect it. Then if it needs parts, they will order either the male or female part needed to perform the repair. Parts are available BUT it could take 2-3 days to get the parts...
  16. Power rear sliding window

    Sorry for the double quotes.
  17. Power rear sliding window

    Yes there are
  18. I think my Ranger looks just right.

    I knew it couldn't last. The temptation is strong with this one!!!
  19. Recall Rear Tail Lamps

    I got the recall, but my lights are fine and I'm not going in till i get the notice that parts are in.