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  1. Engine cover

  2. Discolored glovebox

    Yeah, sez you. I bet there's a lot of surveillance video's from all over that show you walking around with a pink purse and khaki shorts and flowered shirt and Birkenstocks and ol Miss ballcap...:LOL:
  3. Engine cover

    So should 100 days of free govt required face masks but you don't see that happening either :crackup:
  4. Engine cover

  5. How about some Jokes

  6. How about some Jokes

  7. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Kommieformuia (CA) is deciding to go back on full lockdown at home
  8. What oil will you be running after your 1st oil change?

    Penzoil Platinum. Guess because I never had any issues with any Penzoil in any car I ever changed oil in...
  9. 2019 Ranger's Hauling Things Thread

    Guess you could call this OverHaulin
  10. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

  11. Tailgate Damper idea

  12. Tailgate Damper idea

    Secret code word ... Only The Dave can speak it!:LOL:
  13. Tailgate Damper idea

  14. Tailgate Damper idea

    Just blow it off!
  15. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    This will cause a few more constipated hatey face emoji's :angel:
  16. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    You need the Damper first, you want the damper first!!