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  1. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    yep baked in ... fused with the glass more or less
  2. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    mainly to provide an etched surface for the adhesive edit: the dots are fade from the solid frit band to the clear windshield
  3. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    fun fact the black dots are baked ceramic paint and called frit. this might come handy at trivia night in the future.
  4. Where do you mount a front license plate?

    WV is rear plate only I think, if so try part #KB3Z-17A385-A ...
  5. New vs Old, Then and Now

    Hi Phil, That straight six sure was reliable ... my downfall was I picked up a copy of Ford Performance at the local speed shop, which I still have to this day, and got inspired. Although my 302 project didn't survive much past the shakedown runs and wasn't built like the engines in this book...
  6. New vs Old, Then and Now

    1978 F-150 I bought in 1995 ... after the 1979 GMC I bought in 1994 rotted away 😂 I swapped the straight six for a junkyard 302 ... which promptly blew a head gasket so I sold it.
  7. Joining the Club - Show Me Your Lights

    When you remove the plastic bumper cover there is only one thing you need to be aware of, the teeth on the clips have to be bent back to their original shape. There might a way to remove it without bending them ... maybe someone else knows the way. There are some threads on this forum on wiring...
  8. Joining the Club - Show Me Your Lights

    rough country 20” and diode dynamics fogs
  9. Rear camera Recall Notice

    700k times a hour of labor adds pretty quick ... no corporate bonus this year.
  10. Wife borrowed truck, found it in 4H next morning, now clicking in steering going over speed bumps...

    The other day while merging onto the highway ... my phone fell off the magnetic mount, landed on the dial and spun it to 4L. It was flashing, the neutral message appeared etc. I wish that dial had stronger detents or something.
  11. Ranger Based Tribute to First Gen. Lightning

    I think a street setup would be refreshing to see, there are only a few on this forum. If you got 1st gen style lighting wheels fabricated you would be a hero in my book.
  12. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    I had to splurge for the linex "+UV protection". This truck is in the sun all day every day, shovel dirt and debris directly in and out of the bed and haul dirtbikes... sprayed Jun 2019...
  13. My fist boo-boo!

    welcome to the club!
  14. SVC Offroad Leveling Spring Perch Collars

    Unfortunately the better options for spring compressors are in the $800ish range ... For the backyard mechanic I think spring compression will always remain a thrill...
  15. aftermarket head unit/bezel ?

    idatalink showing Ranger as compatible now... time to take the plunge.
  16. Disturbing Trend In My Area

    Wait till the Carolina Lean takes hold in your county...
  17. My Ranger is beat

    So good ... no cream puffs!
  18. Who's in the Vegas area and creative and handy?

    From that 2nd thread... Is this showing a mesh screen is available? I need this, I feel like I’m going to send a tie down hook thru the rear window someday.