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  1. Ford warranty plan. Interesting read.

    Happened to Takata (seat belt/air bag supplier to Honda/Mitsubishi) crap ton of recalls, and ended up getting sued by the US and a couple of other countries.
  2. Prinsu Roof Rack + Westin 40" Light Bar

    Looks great! love the low profile look of the Prinsu rack.
  3. 2021 Ranger Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - Base Vehicle, Packages, Options

    Ordered a 2021 Ranger, Lariat (w/ tremor package) in Cactus Gray through MAS. Pretty stoked to see her in person when i get back from Germany
  4. Tutorial on how to align your Ranger at home after installing a leveling kit

    good instructions, thanks for the vid.
  5. Audio cuts off

    Faulty/loose ground wire? 👀
  6. How to get the fog lights to work with the DRLs

    Modern problems require modern solutions!