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  1. What kind of mud flaps is everyone using.

    Same here. I've used Weather Techs on several trucks, and they do what they are supposed to do with easy installation.
  2. 2020 ranger rough idle?

    It could be Evan. If it's not at least there's the warranty. Good luck.
  3. Ranger in the desert

    What a great day that must have made. Thanks for the pics.
  4. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    Tracey, I've done the same thing since 1986 when I special ordered my first vehicle. Dealers tend to order what sells the easiest for them, but don't seem to get the options I want or have options I don't want. So, I find it easier to order the exact vehicle with all the do-dads that will make...
  5. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    I agree. Maybe my third option (the one I haven't broached with the boss) is a better idea than I first thought. Oh, the agony........
  6. New Ranger in South Dakota

    It's all in good fun Steve. We're basically a simple minded group.......:)
  7. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Thanks Dave. Dang, I do like the 2 door version.
  8. New Ranger in South Dakota

    Welcome to the forum Steve. Enjoy that new Ranger. There are a lot of good folks here ready to help if needed. But beware, a lot of us are more than happy to help you spend money on mods for that new truck. :)
  9. 2020 ranger rough idle?

    It could be something as simple as a loose plug wire, bad plug, coil pack, etc. Good luck.
  10. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    Oh yeah Chris, there was a time in my younger years that I was susceptible to the opinions of those armchair experts. With a bit of experience, and a little more years they can now (as one of my old LT's used to say) kiss my titty in Kansas City. My money, my choice, and told some that if they...
  11. SuperCab Love

    Welcome to the forum Thomas, nice truck. As Duke said there are a lot of great folks here that are ready to hep if needed. But beware, they also love to help you spend money on mods for that beauty. :)
  12. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    I understand that some folks aren't happy with their Rangers. Heck, that's one reason why there are so many choices out there. Myself I don't go in with any preconceived ideas about any vehicle I buy, especially a truck. At my more mature age (re: old) I know the vehicle may not get the...
  13. Talk about getting a lot out of a mid-sized bed.

    Looks to me like the levelers are the only thing holding that rear end up.
  14. Working Ranger

    Thank you for your service sir, and I pray for your safe return home. Like you I only needed a truck. So, I went with the XL, added the STX package, and a few other options. It should serve me well.
  15. Having a hard time ordering 2021

    I think they are trained that way. I've had the same problem all the way over here on the other coast. You may also want to look at TrueCar. You just put what you want in, and dealers kinda fight for you business. But, get ready for a lot of emails. I always try other dealers in my area for...
  16. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    @AzScorpion, Dave, It's like a car wreck, I want to look away.......but I just can't. o_O
  17. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    Admit it Sid, you've been out to your herb garden again, haven't you..........:giggle:
  18. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    No poser here. When it comes to these high beds on these trucks (not unlike the F-150's I've owned) I have to drop the tailgate, and crawl in there to get the stuff I haul. Problem being I'm to danged short to reach over the side rails. :)
  19. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Dave, we can use the Ranger at times when were around home. But, when out of town we have to leave her bike in the Jeep. It's bit big to get it into the condo we use at the beach. I think we can cancel our order before the VIN is set. But, the problem there is I have no idea when that would...
  20. Ford warranty plan. Interesting read.

    That's my line of thinking also Floyd. I think suppliers should be held somewhat accountable for the quality of their products also. In my second life I worked for a Fortune 500 company, and saw what poor supplier quality can do to the bottom line. Just look at the Takata air bag situation. If...