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    Benny I would be interested in getting pricing on this Home FORD KB3Z-5D032-B Skid Plate - Ford (KB3Z-5D032-B) I have a 2019 XLT would this just bolt up? what color are they? Thanks Rick
  2. Spare tire Not the same size - ??

    That is the same wheel that I have as my Spare and I have and I have 18" wheels
  3. Rangers in SNOW

    that dealer is where i bought my ranger ,great dealer! good old dillsburg,Pa.
  4. Fuel in oil

    Well i have had my oil changed 3X in 1746 miles on the clock I saw an issue at 500 miles and kind of played it off as being a new engine and rings not seated yet. Oil changed by dealer and was told to drive another 500 miles and check took it back in at 1500 miles and they saw increased level...
  5. Rear fender rocker protection

    They just replaced mine under warranty and mine looked like yours ,edges coming off dirt under the edges looked like paint was chipped.
  6. Turbosmart Kompact

    I just purchased the latest version of the kompact And the orientation when you install it does not matter with the new version. With the older version it has to be orientated in the correct position. If you call Richard at Turbo smart he can give you a wealth of information. And yes that O...
  7. Silly and/or useful hacks

    this is so simple I installed it and at 7.00 it works well. Amazon is your friend
  8. Silly and/or useful hacks

  9. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    took my truck back to stock installed switch enabled terrain management reinstalled tune no problem still there.
  10. Fuel in oil engine build date

    1/04/ 1/04/2019 for me and it has been to dealer and they want to take the HPFP off but...... the gasket will not be available to November which sucks the big one
  11. 2019 Ranger prone to fuel making its.way into oil?

    well today my vehicle is in the dealer for the issue of making oil the oil was changed in my vehicle at 500 miles exactly on the full mark today I have 1500 miles on it and it is about a quarter inch past the full mark. So I took it into the dealer so had to vehicle for 2 days they called me...
  12. Husky rear wheel well liners

    Yes it is a double-edge sword it would be nice to have protection come down a little farther on the frame but I see your point that would trap salt dirt in between the frame and the Llner so I guess the best thing to do is pressure wash your frame clean your frame often
  13. Husky rear wheel well liners

    just on their website I do not think they make them for the ranger if they did I would order a set today
  14. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    Make sure when you're doing this that you have all the lights turned off radio turned off to not have the door open to your truck as yesterday I got into a simular situation where I was trying to restore the original build so I could enable the terrain management so I had to take my truck back...
  15. Terrain management upgrade?

    Ok finally figured it out have the snow,sand,terrain management boy I took a long way around the mountain on this one first when I tried to get the Ford tune off and go back to as built procal4 failed 5 times and vehicle would not even turn over. Then I hooked up battery charger and let on for...
  16. Terrain management upgrade?

    Do you need an extended license to do this in forscan?
  17. Eibach install

    Thanks Phil Just thought it looked a little strange
  18. Eibach install

    This is what I am talking about I don't think it has anything to do with front and back as they are duplicated on both sides