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  1. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    3 months and 2 days after ordering my rock rails will be delivered tomorrow.:rockon:
  2. What was your first Ford daily driver?

    First Ford, I've always been a German car guy, VW, BMW, Porsche, only one other domestic in my life, a 1990 Dodge Dakota 4x4 I bought new.
  3. Happy Veterans Day!

    As a former Air Force reservist this has squarely hit the target. :handsinair: Those 2 weeks summer camps were AWESOME.
  4. Led Headlight bulbs

    I remember reading somewhere back in this thread that sometimes on these "bulbs" the O-ring on them is out of spec. They cured the issue by putting their original bulbs O-ring on the new " bulbs " and then had no issue. It would be worth a shot.
  5. Jeep 101

    It appears that the dogs are smarter than the owners. They look like they are saying "Nope nope nope" as they run away.
  6. Top Speed

    Black Rock dry lake bed, I had mine right near 110 for about 20 minutes here. No wonder I only averaged 17mpg for that tank.
  7. 2019 Ranger Lariat

    I have the Ford performance Fox 2.0 on all 4 corners on mine, I understand they are very close to the normal Fox 2.0, you will be VERY happy.
  8. 2019 Ranger Lariat

    It's strange how people keep putting these aftermarket suspensions under them to make them more capable offroad and they end up riding much better. It's almost like Ford got the valving wrong on the stock shocks.
  9. 295 65 18 procomp

  10. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    Not to mention in this case ( the missing climate controls ) it's just checking a box next to that listing that says "enable".
  11. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Man, Hennessy's coke dealer sure has raised his prices a bunch.
  12. SuperCab Love

    Love my super, I too had to look a lot harder to find one and found it about 200 miles away.
  13. Tire Pressure?

    I know this but I'm trying to save up a little bit for a hard shell RTT, this nickel and dime shit is messin' with my plans.:crackup:
  14. Tire Pressure?

    Dammit Dave, another order placed.:handsinair:
  15. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Flat off roading, if there isn't more than 6" of elevation change for the next 30 miles does it really count.:LOL:
  16. How do you reach all of the outside of your windshield to dry it?

    As a 6'4" 205 pound guy with a 36" waist 38" inseam I truly feel your pain. The only time it's handy being this size is grabbing something off the top shelf.
  17. Tutorial on how to align your Ranger at home after installing a leveling kit

    Good vid man. I've been using the string method for years ( similar ). This will definitely help some folks out.
  18. Lift/leveling new suspension and new tires--looking for some advice

    Just one short section heading up to Leavitt Lake off 108, only on 3 wheels once each on the way in/out. Haven't had any rub there or any milder off road so far. The Wildpeaks I put on were 32.7 inch diameter, if the tires you choose are that or smaller you should be good. That being said If...
  19. It was AWESOME!

    I got to run my buddies 2 year old Tundra this last weekend out on the Black Rock Playa from a dig to 100mph, the little Ranger was victorious by about 2 truck lengths.
  20. Rock Sliders

    I would have ordered those too if they didn't have a problem with the jig they make them on on that one side. I went with Rocky Road instead and I'm 4 days short of a 2 month wait for them to make them without a peep. What are you going to do though, these are small companies basically making...