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  1. TSB 20-2339 Vehicle Buck/Surge During Low Speed Operation And/Or Engine Runs Rough After Cold Start

    Unless something changed, no. The TSB should show up when the tech runs the data base with customer concern categories. That's why it makes no sense for these dealers to even throw the old "we can't verify it, or it's normal". Just hook up the scan tool, check for a later calibration. If the...
  2. Intermediate Right turn grind?

    My truck does this also while pulling out of a certain road and making a sharp left. It is a little dip in the transition from one road to the next. I have assumed it is the abs/traction control and it does it so briefly I don't get a light either. In my case it really doesn't matter because the...
  3. Interstate and Low Load Vibration: Part 2

    I don't think back yard mechanics are the problem. I think internet forum mechanics are getting confused with what is a vibration and what is a surge. Two very different things. I think "Service Managers" are also getting confused with what is normal and what is easier to say is normal. Ford...
  4. Interstate and Low Load Vibration: Part 2

    I found that while laying under my truck and grabbing the rear driveshaft, I can move it up and down and there is a clunk that can be heard and felt coming from the slip yoke. I have finally made an appointment and explained in great detail that my vibration is load (or in my case no/light load)...
  5. Any News on this ?

    Wow. That is pretty bad. More truck like?? Really??
  6. Any Advise on Winter Tires

    While I personally don't think snow tires are needed on a 4x4 truck with a competent AT tire like the Hankooks, I have used the General Altimax Arctic line on cars with great results. I would go with a 245 or 255 width if I were to use a snow tire on the Ranger.
  7. Any News on this ?

    To me, this will depend on two things. 1.) Looks and 2.) Price It has to look like a pickup. Honda has failed twice in this aspect. And it has to be affordable to hit it's likely buyer. Ford might get away with some top trim levels pushing into Ranger territory, but most buyers are going to want...
  8. Your Thoughts

    Many years ago when I worked at a service department I took a Ranger home for an engine noise (ping/rattle) that the selling dealer would only say "was normal". The customer gave me permission because like the OP, he just wanted his truck fixed. Long story short, we got the guy a new crate...
  9. Dash Rattle??

    Just saw this post....I had the exact same thing with the exact same fix. My defroster grill was vibrating also. Removed it and put felt on it. Today it was cold and I had a bit of that annoying vibration back. Time to buy more felt!!
  10. Bye Bye Wiper De-Icer

    I believe it's more like a rear window defrost grid that runs under your wiper blades while they are in the park position. When you use remote start and probably front or rear defrost it turns it on. Not 100% on that, but should help some. Especially in the freezing rain states!!
  11. MBRP EcoSleeper for the 2019 Ranger

    I gotta admit, I'm a no exhaust on turbo engines kind of guy, but that doesn't sound bad. I don't like the split rear look, would prefer dual side version.
  12. How to Clean Intake Valves On Ford EcoBoost Engines with CRC GDI IVD® Intake Valve Cleaner

    I used the CRC on my F-150 @ 15k, 30k and 45k with out issues. I also do 5k OCI to help prevent too much oil vapors through the PCV system. I personally think the extended OCI is the 2nd biggest contributor next to the lack of port fuel injection. Turbos are prone to this problem more due to...
  13. Bilstein 5100 Adjustable Leveling Shock Kit

    Did you get your alignment checked after the install? I am wondering how much it changed on the 1.2" #3 perch setting. Gonna do my install soon and wondering on the alignment. Thanks!! EDIT: Okay, got everything installed and had alignment checked. Before: Caster, both sides 3.4* ( Spec...
  14. Larger Tires and Speed Correction - Who Has Done it?

    I went from the 265/65-17 that with cruise set @ 50 mph on the digital readout, 48 on the analog speedometer and 49-50 on my gps app. Now with 265/70-17 tires cruise set @ 50 mph on the digital, 49 on the speedometer and 50-51 on my gps app. Not worth the bother to me....
  15. Tire Pressure -- 265/70/17 BFG KO2's

    Thanks for the link. Never saw that before. Interesting that it is recommending 28 psi for my new 265/70-17 tires. I doubt I'll go below 30 psi. I did enter a previous swap I did on an F-150, going from 275/65-18 SL to LT275/70-18 "E" and it recommended 45 psi vs the stock 35 psi. I chalk tested...
  16. Bilstein 5100 Adjustable Leveling Shock Kit

    Yeah you are correct, I edited my post. I was trying to say what you said, but explained it wrong. Thanks for setting me straight! BowWow had explained it well, but IMHO went a little off course in his explanation. If pre load is increased drastically it could take too much vehicle weight off...
  17. Bilstein 5100 Adjustable Leveling Shock Kit

    Anybody install with before and after measurements? My kit arrived today from Stage3 (Very fast!!) and I'm thinking perch #3 for a 1.2" advertised (generic) lift, but wanted to see if anyone actually can confirm lift on the Ranger since Bilstein gives a generic "average" estimate.
  18. General Grabber ATX

    General is running the $100 off again until 10/31/20. I went ahead and made the plunge and ordered 265/70-17 non LT. I felt like 14/32 vs 16/32 was not enough to justify the slightly harsher ride and extra 10 lb per tire to go LT. I ordered thru Tire America who had an additional 10% ($62) off...
  19. 2021 Ranger XL Adds New STX Special Edition Package for Upgraded Tech, Wheels and Interior Finishes

    I would have went with an XL if it had the bigger radio screen. I couldn't live with the 4.2" screen after having it in my F-150 for 3 years...
  20. White letters in or out?

    Just ordered Grabber ATX in the 265/70-17 and dang, I can't decide on letters out or in. Looking at pics, certain tires like the BFG look better out to me and I'm usually a white letters out, but I'm thinking I like the Generals better with black walls. :facepalm: