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  1. Built Ford Tough

    i drove a wrangler probably 5 or 6 years ago on a test drive. started the test drive in the rain, but it stopped raining midway through. I came up on a turn and had a green light, and the road was definitely still very wet, but i was shocked at how quickly it lost traction and i went sideways...
  2. Built Ford Tough

    Had a 2015 Subaru WRX before my Ranger, didn't garage it at night. Acorn drops put tiny dents in it. At lease turn in the dealer pointed out hail damage. I explained acorns and he was just stunned they'd do that. I was happy getting the Ranger because my 2011 Ford Edge sat outside with the WRX...
  3. 27k miles CEL for O2 sensor.

    this. When I got my Ranger the finance manager spent like five minutes repeating that I get a loaner for any repair that requires the dealer to keep the truck more than a day. so for your dealer they need to decide which it is. Either they only need it for a day (no loaner) or they need it for...
  4. [Brazil Market] Ford Ranger Off-Road Appearance Accessory Kit Announced

    that snorkel looks like it could double in a crappy photo of the loch ness monster. i wonder if it'll cost tree fiddy.
  5. Crappy dealership

    as others have stated, this couldn't be more true. it's tough, i bought my truck from a dealership with a fantastic salesman. i've bought 3 Fords off him in the last ten years and he always makes me feel like i got a solid deal. their service department is uhh.... hit or miss. fantastic with TSB...
  6. Ecoboost oil recommendation?

    i did a recent hunt for quality oils last month. that should meet or exceed all specifications for our engine. i haven't had to do my first oil change yet, but i'm looking forward to the...
  7. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    me reading all these awesome locations out west... i just...just......../cries in Ohio.
  8. Chili Pepper Red Lariat

    these are the first fender flares that i've actually liked. usually i see fender flares that don't match the color of the trim elsewhere on the vehicle and it just distracts me. that's not really happening here. i like it!
  9. Other trucks parking next to your Ranger

    i came here to say this. anytime there's a car or truck i'm curious about, i park nearby so i can walk past it or get a good look. there still are not an immense amount of rangers on the road so it garners a lot of attention.
  10. Did a thing

    man that looks great! it'd be awesome to see it in a matching blue or something. either way, i dig it.
  11. talked with my dealers service manager today about the direct injection

    After some research this morning I discovered this product I didn't know existed...
  12. talked with my dealers service manager today about the direct injection

    Is there a particular oil brand recommended for use in our 2.3 engines? I used to run Rotella T6 (aka, Brotella) in my Subaru WRX. That was 5W-40, I believe, and the engine called for 5W-30. Our Rangers call for 5W-30. Any recommendations? Also, thanks for all the info in this thread. It has...
  13. 2019 Ranger prone to fuel making its.way into oil?

    congrats on your purchase. i personally really liked the Taco, but their prices forced me to do some market research and look around. one bombing run through some country curves and the memory of my subaru WRX flashed before my eyes (the palm of my hand twitches on the top of the shifter as if...
  14. Hey guys, would a tune installed help with my rough transmission shifts.

    Yeah my job went full telework and now the truck gets driven like 2 miles at a time through suburban traffic. Transmission loves to hang between 1000-1500 rpm and does that kind of gurgle because the turbo isn’t spooling. At least not noticeably. Once I get it out on 55+ roads, hell, even 40+...
  15. Hey guys, would a tune installed help with my rough transmission shifts.

    any clue if this also applies to a new driver? i bought a use 2019 ranger and while it's by and large great, the shifts/transmission can act peculiar at times. wasn't sure if it'd ever smooth out. i don't have any hesitation or stutter, but the shifts are sometimes smooth, sometimes harsher. it...
  16. talked with my dealers service manager today about the direct injection

    suddenly the opening scene with Christian Bale/Ken Miles in Ford v Ferrari makes more sense to me lol
  17. talked with my dealers service manager today about the direct injection

    Sorry to bring a nearly 10 month old thread back to life, but I’ve been reading through this while researching the catch cans. This thread has been a really solid back and forth and educational. That said, no one discussed fuel type. Where I live there is an abundance of premium 93 octane...
  18. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    all you need to do is go to a used lot and take a look at 5+ year old trucks with bed liners. you can lift them up a little bit and they're a bit rusty under there. i'd imagine the aluminum F-150s don't have the rust problem, but the paint is beat up (but with the bedliner on, who cares, I...
  19. A used purchase! Need some help

    wait... aren't you like the lead Disciple of the Damper? why were you trying to read the part number for something you already have for a part number you probably already have memorized? lol
  20. A used purchase! Need some help

    my friend thanks you, lol!