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  1. Are Tailgate Dampeners Frowned On Around Here?

    Well, bless your heart.
  2. Went To The Dealership Today.... LOCKDOWN!

    From West Branch north, none are open along the I-75 corridor.
  3. Went To The Dealership Today.... LOCKDOWN!

    All the dealerships here are closed. No parts. No service. Been wanting a regular service and rotate for over a month. No go. Sales continue online, but nothing in person. So.... we wait.
  4. Prodigy RF Wireless Brake Controller

    I couldn't say, with your RF system one way or another. The issue with our hard wired Tekonsha is that if "I" push the brake pedal, the trailer brake lights activate to alert folks behind me I am braking. If the truck should activate the brakes by the "emergency" tech sensors, the trailer's...
  5. Prodigy RF Wireless Brake Controller

    We turn off the automatic emergency brake. We know our Tekonsha isn't wired to be compatible with that system. That's fine. We don't have auto emergency braking on our F-150 either as the F-150 doesn't have that system,. The incompatibility is merely that if auto braking was activated, the...
  6. Extended parking with low miles?

    We're out and about, mostly gulf south, this winter. Decided at the last minute to take the F-150. Meanwhile, the Ranger is parked comfortably in the garage. The nephew lives down the road and checks on things, when he's not shooting his guns or re-qualifying with his side arm. :) None of...
  7. What travel trailer should I buy?

    See my response just above.
  8. What travel trailer should I buy?

    The Rockwood series are as good as any and much better than most. Lots of reasons to really like it. We chose it and not disappointed. There is really only one main bug a boo and that's the pass through inverter. PITA. Design flaw in choosing a pass through version. Your outlets are...
  9. What travel trailer should I buy?

    We are "life time" towers of Travel Trailers, and are, in fact, along the gulf coast being a snow bird until it's safer to go back north. Even a 7' wide model is still wider than your truck mirrors and that's an issue. I'd also strongly suggest that towing above 4000lb dry weight of any TT is...
  10. Ford warns that Active Cruise Control can NOT be used with an aftermarket trailer brake controller

    Exactly. We have no intention of running either AEB or Adaptive Cruise while towing. The four wires supplied and an aftermarket controller is working just fine for us, and at a 30% of the cost. It's all good.
  11. Regular vs premium anyone else notice huge difference?

    Exactly!!!!!!!! Some places the difference is a buck a gallon.
  12. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    See ya at the night race!!!!
  13. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Parked next to Bristol Raceway.
  14. Regular vs premium anyone else notice huge difference?

    If the difference was only "$3-$5" it would be tempting. Alas, it is not. The difference on a full tank here is $15 which is almost a grand a year. That's not chump change for us anyhow. 95% of our driving is grocery getting, going here and there and such. No stress and no need for peak...
  15. Regular vs premium anyone else notice huge difference?

    No. It runs fine on regular. Although winter gas isn't much fun. Premium here is $.80 a gallon more and for grocery getting? No way.
  16. 2019 Ranger MPGs

    That air pressure is shipping pressure from the factory for the trains/haul away trucks. The dealer is supposed to deflate those tires to a more reasonable 30-36 cold psi. My lumbar simply couldn't withstand 44 cold psi. No sir.
  17. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    That panel (obviously) opens for the fuse area, using that pull indentation and the distance to the four wires for after-fit brake controller is only a few inches away, coming through the firewall right behind that panel, above the driver's left foot rest. Easy to find as they're taped up with...
  18. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    Agreed. The RedArc buttons installed in the center console, as shown by others, would likely be a better location for me personally.
  19. Ranger Bed Mat

    DeeZee mat is very thick and of high quality. Amazon
  20. What are you guys towing?

    I tweaked the dealer's "setup" on our equalizer hitch. The lowest guy on the shop's totem pole usually gets the task and it's typically only "close enough for horse shoes" and get the customer down the road. LOL. Anyhow, lots of study and I came to appreciate how the washers in the head, the...