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  1. Traded my Ranger today

    Yeah 12, 8, 5...they cover a lot of seat space 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  2. Traded my Ranger today

    It’s almost black. Almost purple. Everything in between.
  3. Traded my Ranger today

    I loved my truck, but with the kids (12, 8, 5) it wasn’t quite as well suited for our needs. Now have a 2020 Magma Red F-150. This is my second 2.7L truck. Pics aren’t great as it was time for dinner and then dark when I came back out. As you can see they’ve already taken over with backpacks and...
  4. Straight Pipe

    @Sulli carry on man. Seems like some people have nothing better to do than to spread negativity and be critical of you spending YOUR money modding YOUR truck the way you want. Just like I had nothing better to do than stop and comment about their negativity. You do your truck your way and fuck...
  5. Straight Pipe

    I like it. Can’t wait to hear some driving clips.
  6. Ford Performance Ring & Pinion Installation Kit [New gears soon?]

    This is interesting. Especially after having the conversation of regearing earlier this week.
  7. Another Muffler Delete

    Key words in the subject of the thread MUFFLER DELETE. I only had the muffler removed and replaced with a section of pipe. 13,000 miles later and no issues.
  8. Dyno - Baseline and Ford Performance Tune Numbers

    With this being rear-wheel numbers, I don’t think they’re too far off from Ford’s advertised numbers. Typically crank numbers are advertised, and when you are looking at wheel dyno numbers it shows the parasitic loss through the drivetrain.
  9. Dyno - Baseline and Ford Performance Tune Numbers

    Ive had no less than 5 vehicles that got drop in K&N Filters the day they were purchased. All were driven daily up to 200+K before being sold. Never once did I have an issue.
  10. Dyno - Baseline and Ford Performance Tune Numbers

    Maybe they aren’t huge peak numbers, but look at the gains across the entire curve. There’s some significant improvements along the entire range.
  11. Ford Performance Tune Dyno?????

    Has anyone actually been able to perform a real world dyno comparison between stock and the FPP tune?
  12. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    Did some debadging after a trip to the hunting club today. Yes, I washed her as soon as I got home. Sport decals and the black trim on the doors removed. Before. After.
  13. Atlanta Area

    My hometown! I’ll be there next weekend for a wedding.
  14. Exhaust videos Only !!!

    Muffler delete is my favorite at this point. I have next to nothing in mine due to having a friend with an exhaust shop. If anyone is in Northwest GA, then I could likely get you a decent deal on having yours done or something different. Message me if you’d like their info.
  15. Georgia NIB Factory Carpet Floormats Trade or Sell

    I have the factory black floormats for a SuperCrew. They’re NIB. Open to all trades and offers. Willing to meet within 1hr of Savannah, GA or ship at your expense.
  16. Still waiting for a backordered OEM hitch parts

    This is exactly what I did!
  17. 275/60/17

    Snow isn’t a concern here in Savannah, GA. Occasionally it shows up, but they’d likely cancel work and keep me from having to leave home.
  18. 275/60/17

    I have been going back and forth on what size tire I’ll choose when it’s time (or I can afford to). Originally I was thinking 265/70/17 since I do hunt and have some places a slightly taller all terrain tire would be an improvement. However, she’s 2wd and I spend 95% of my time on the road. I...
  19. Another Muffler Delete

    Thanks. Vids from outside weren’t as nice as I’d like, but the interior vids I think give a good idea of how quiet it is with just the resonator. I ran her 60 miles at 65-80mph with zero drone.
  20. Initial Trail Ride

    You’re right. These were in Bartow/Gordon County. I grew up there and had a chance to visit for the weekend.