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  1. 2021 Ranger TREMOR Off-Road Package Revealed

    price for what it's bringing to the table is really good, really really good. I'm interested, but idk if enough to make me pull the trigger.
  2. What Is the Name/Nickname of Your Ranger?

    Damn bro, save some women for the rest of us.
  3. My First Ranger Oil Change

    I've always recommended rotating tires every other service, but now with how service intervals have changed as oil technology improved, I tend to stick with every 7500 miles for rotating, and every other rotate gets a balance. At least that's how I do it in my shop (Jaguar / Land Rover dealer)
  4. Linex Bedliner.... NEVER again.

    Has it been exposed to any chemicals? I am currently going 5 rounds with Ford because ALL My door handles / bed caps / wiper cowl / fender vents / rear bumper cover plastics have faded. They tried claiming its wax, but it's not. When the truck was new and ceramic coated, all plastics were...
  5. Georgia WTS: OEM FX4 Front coilovers, Upper control arms, and rear shocks

    A lot of guys on the BookFace just give them away. When you get to that point, lemme know and I'll cover shipping lol
  6. Katzkin Leather Interior Diamond Stitch

    Looks tacky, but if you're happy then I don't care.
  7. Possible Ranger Tremor package. I guess we'll see. I know the F250 Super Duty Tremor has a huuuuuge residency in my heart, it's just too bad I don't need a behemoth like it.
  8. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    I'm a single parent of two (9 & 4), and I downsized from a 2017 F150 supercrew to my 2019 Ranger with NO regrets. It's plenty spacious for us all, and I wouldn't hesitate to make the same choice again.
  9. Is it normal to only have parking sensors in the rear?

    Discontinued on 2020 XLT's. My 2019 XLT has forward sensing.
  10. My Ranger is beat

    KEEP F**KING GOING DUDE!!! Someone get this man a beer!
  11. Bug/Rock Deflector w/ lights

  12. P0299 Underboost

    Could be a few things, blown off intercooler coupler / bad turbo / loss of vacuum to the WGA.
  13. High milage Ranger...

    Rolled 10k, purchased 12/21/2019.
  14. Dyno - Baseline and Ford Performance Tune Numbers

    Healthy numbers, nice to see just over 300wtq. Thanks for dyno'ing the tune. How's the drivability?
  15. 4 Miles to Crystal Mill OMG

    ... I live in the wrong part of the country.
  16. Dead on road after auto stoo

    You're incorrect, auto stop / start is entirely dependent on battery voltage and type (AGM Battery must be used).