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  1. Upgraded Cold Air Intake System Scoop from aFe

    Phil, I really dig your stories! I just dont see this doing anything but lightening up my wallet $50... I'm gonna pass.
  2. New Ranger Raptor

    please post the sticker so we can see what equipment is std/optional...
  3. Veterans Day special 30% off level lifts

    Dont forget to re-aim your headlights, when I did my 2-1/2" front level kit I forgot to discuss it with the tech and I had folks flask brights for weeks until I lowered the beams...
  4. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    to be safe you could always start it remotely via the app...
  5. Ford Ranger Coil Conversion

    yeah, im not that guy... but they did up a '20:
  6. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    seems kinda sketchy on ford's part BUT if we are all watching the issue and from what it sounds like no one has gotten stranded yet maybe this is actually a new standard the defies previous benchmarks we are all use to.
  7. Holy Cow!!! This one was through the ringer...

    Its stuff like that that is a gut-check to be extra vigilant while driving. I'm 51 and at 17 I was broad sided by a guy that was sooo drunk the first thing he did after the impact was barf all over his shoes. Spun my car around ['87 olds cuttlas calais] and wrapped around a light pole, he was...
  8. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    good point, I will double check. When I got it last summer I bought a plug-in battery blanket so I definitely took them off and battery out to install that. I swear by those things with our IL winters.. I have done some digging on this model and sounds like FoMoCo has some type of power...
  9. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    I agree they would 'probably' cover the battery...BUT that means more than likely I have been inconvenienced by it failing AWAY from my home where my charger & tools and spare vehicle [teen driver with my old truck]. I do yearly fall prep ant this year I load tested it and it failed, I plugged...
  10. How much fuel should fit in the tank?

    I'm sure our resident engineer can chime in when he has time...but I always chuckle when after the auto 'click' stops the fuel people hop out and keep clicking the damn thing 3-4-8 or more times. A few times fuel starts to leak out. Other times Im certain the contaminate the charcoal in the...
  11. GPS problems

    Sometimes it does not 'refresh' as quick as I would like and it gets me to take a wrong turn etc. Its frustrating at times but i had a Garmin and other gps like Google maps will do the same at times. It basically our fault for not being to navigate properly anymore, we are all tech-dependent..
  12. Opinions Please

    yeah, NO is my opinion. Maybe on a dark-er vehicle.
  13. Ford goes color blind

    Well as a Magnetic Metallic owner I guess that color is being deleted too.. We have bought A bright silver color the past few new vehicles: 2009 Ram, 2016 Escape and 2020 Escape, though on the '20 escape she really liked the magnetic like my '19 Ranger BUT with the plant closed in March due to...
  14. Tire Pressure?

    Never fails I get my PSI exactly where I want it and some genius makes the decision for me that it should be different when I'm in for an unrelated visit or even when I have the service writer put on the work order 'Do Not Adjust Tire PSI'.
  15. Tire Pressure?

    I ran mine at 38 and still felt is was too 'sprung' so dropped it to 30 which is what the ford pass says. the app usually says 1-3 psi higher than any of my gauges..
  16. Ford Pass Start/Stop Unlock/lock Gone

    thx. I served in the 3906th special security squadron '88-91 active at Offutt AFB outside of Omaha, NE. where is he stationed? [if unclassified stateside] or 'region' overseas... i never ask specific location if overseas b/c of the operational security breech potential. how long has he been in?
  17. Ford Pass Start/Stop Unlock/lock Gone

    its glitchy, i often have to log out/in again to get it to work properly. at least its free, my buddy bought a new JGC and there is a monthly fee after 6 mos free...
  18. Tailgate question

    More importantly my dealer service advisor put low-profile lisc plate screws on my truck and showed me that with the gate fully open/down the bottom edge pushes against the plate, screws and 'bows' the plastic fascia...poor engineering detail with no expected fix! He said that he has been...
  19. how do i stop rockin like a boat?

    Stealership had 56psi in all tires and when I questioned it they said it was 'recommended' ..CRAZY! I got it home approx. 4 mile ride and it bounced so bad I had figured I would need my tooth fillings checked. I went to 35 psi for a couple months then actually settled on 30 psi which for mixed...
  20. Just Hit 20k Miles After 10 Months of Ownership - Fuel Economy Insights

    4x4 XLT all stock, no towing using 93 octane, 21.2 is the best highway with sustained adaptive cruise on usually set at 75 mpg on my regular commute. I expected to get better MPG's on the highway. :(