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  1. Fuel in oil

    I think your point on the issue being understated is well put. Think of how many drive their vehicle and have no clue to check their oil or any other fluid. Until the dealer or their dashboard says they need service they just put gas in the truck and go. The fact that so many on here have an...
  2. Fuel in oil

    Ask them to put that in writing. That your vehicle is operating under normal conditions and is safe to drive. Anything happens to that engine or you and youll enjoy a fat Ford settlement. Any lawyer's wet dream.
  3. New ROW Ranger/Everest

    Details, details lol. In all seriousness though, it's a shame there arent any street trucks left.
  4. New ROW Ranger/Everest

    That Street edition got me reminiscing of the Dakota R/T days. Damn that was an awesome truck...
  5. Mad woodworking skills!

    Me at the beginning: "Wow, that's cool..." Me at the end: "Holy $#!+, it has working suspension and an incredibly detailed engine compartment!" :bow:
  6. Where do you mount a front license plate?

    The dealer has a special one that clips/mounts to holes threaded on the underside of the bumper opening. Definitely don't drill. I believe they have to provide one if you live in a state that requires one.

    I believe the Owners Manual specifically says not to run E85. Just answering the question, not passing judgement.
  8. Livernois Tuning released

    The tow button does the same thing it did before with the Livernois tune (and I would assume the FP as well). I used it regularly to hold speed better coming downhill with the Performance tune (no trailer). They recommend switching to the tow tune for any real towing but the button definitely...
  9. Driveshaft Phasing

    Thank you sir. If I end up getting another Ranger that exhibits this behavior I'll likely have to do the same thing you've done. Ford seems to deny there's a problem. Was one of the only things that truly bothered me about my 2019.
  10. Driveshaft Phasing

    Did you get your truck over 80 with the new driveshaft balance? Inquiring minds want to know if all of the vibration is gone!
  11. What the hell!

    Stupid question, but was it used?
  12. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    Believe me I got some funny looks on the trails, but that's what I bought it for - to take the family to places we couldn't otherwise get to. Worth every scratch...
  13. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    Tin Cup Pass, CO: Kenosha Pass, CO (until the trail runs out) Kelly Flats, CO (bring a friend just in case) Skid plates may not appear stock when you're done but no real damage done! :like:
  14. Tribute to Phil

    Too much ice, not enough Jack!
  15. Good bye Friends....

    That's bizarre. Mine still hadn't shown up on their site so who knows where it ended up.
  16. Colorado Eibach rear shocks

    Crap. Yes still available. Sorry, things are nuts right now. I'll PM you.
  17. Carvana has my truck for sale

    How long did it take after you sold it for it to show up? Still waiting to see what they sell mine for.
  18. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Not OP but it looks like the RTR grille:
  19. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    That really sucks. I'm surprised the dealer even charged you to be honest. They should have chocked it up to their techs learning and written it off. I hope you get a good resolution. If not hopefully you'll have better luck with another tune. Livernois was easy for me to do myself and their...
  20. Whine Noise

    Video You have found the magical violin! So lucky! In all seriousness I hope the dealer gets you sorted out.