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  1. Floor Jack

    I have a 2.5 ton an 3 ton aluminum jack from Harbor Freight. They work fine but I only use them a handful of times a year. Aluminum reduces the weight enough to justify the additional cost. While fairly light they are large to carry all the time. My brother drives from Ky to Oh a lot an carries...
  2. OEM Fox shock leak

    I can see it not being covered if they want to weasel out of it. I think it says suspension an brakes are "wear items" not covered. If your mileage is low they SHOULD cover it to make a customer happy and keep them coming back.
  3. E10 Fuel

    You have to burn to compensate for the lower yield ( I forgot the tech that explained it). I know people that make big power on E85 but had to get larger fuel injectors an sometimes higher volume pumps. I occasionally add 4 gal of E85 to 89 octane, it works out to 92 octane for the total price...
  4. E10 Fuel

    I've run the 15% ethanol before and didn't notice anything different. It was usually a tank here an there, not multiple in a row. I don't know if it's because it's getting old or because they want more people to try it but sometimes 15% is a buck cheaper at Sheetz. When they do that I get it.
  5. Actuator Motor Sound

    While far from ideal I don't think it's terrible. That's about the cost of an extended warranty I guess.
  6. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I've heard the bump stocks burn ammo an hurt accuracy. I was never interested in them.
  7. Drivers side window auto down stopped working

    Google doing a ford power window reset. It's something like hold the button for down an hold it for 10 seconds after it's all the way down, then roll it all the way up an hold it for ten seconds after it's up.
  8. radio

    I added aftermarket speakers to the stock radio without an amp an it helped a little but not much. The change was you could turn it up more before distortion started. IMO look for speakers with a sensitivity rating of 91 DB or higher. There was a place that made a wiring harness adapter to...
  9. Buyers remorse? MPG

    There was a thread a while back about adding a boost gauge an keeping the rpm out of boost to get the mpg's up. Towing takes it's toll but you might be able to limit it with a boost gauge.
  10. Both Leaf Springs Broke

    If you were close to me I have a pair I removed from my ranger in the garage in the scrap pile. I'd have tremor springs installed for sure if I had it done at the dealer or aftermarket if someplace else.
  11. TPMS Sensor issue

    I replaced the wheels on my bronco with take offs with 35's. I haven't had it reprogramed to read the new sensors yet. My dash still shows the last reading from the old ones that are long gone.
  12. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    I've been to Punchbowl Cemetery an you well the weight of the sacrifice paid by the greatest generation.
  13. Kudos to Discount Tire

    I had a good experience when I replaced the tires on the ranger. I need to stop in the bronco an see if they can pair the tpms sensors in the take off wheels I bought to the bronco.
  14. Swollen M12x1.5 Wheel Nut (ACPZ-1012-H) Replacement Write-Up

    The winters here wreck havoc on those two piece lug nuts. I had a rough time getting them off my fusion after 3 or 4 winters. Had to use an impact an some had the exterior chrome shell separate before they would come off.
  15. Other OEM wheels that fit?

    I tried selling those same wheels and tires on here an they kept taking it down. Guess no bronco parts even though at $400 with 8K on them sensors included sounded like a deal to me. I ended up selling them on FB.
  16. Other OEM wheels that fit?

    They weigh 34 pounds each. Which isn't outrageous but def not light. I was looking at aftermarket wheels an most "budget" wheels (under $200ish each) were 30-32 lbs. The tires that come on those are light for their size at 54 pounds each. From what I've seen most are ten pounds heavier or more...
  17. Throttle Controller

    I didn't think the peddle lag was a problem in my ranger. The new bronco on the other hand was really bad. I bought one for it from the classifieds on here.
  18. Actuator Motor Sound

    If the airbox warped the replacement actuator may eventually start making noise an fail. The actuator may last a long time. If it's 3 grand for a replacement an I can get a year or two out of a 40 dollar actuator I would be tempted to live with it an replace it when needed. I tend to replace my...
  19. Global multi leaf rear spring, anybody know spring design?

    The stock U bolts are too short. There was a link on here for a size that works. I ordered them an they had an extra .75 of threads showing. I think they were from 4 wheel parts. One thing I had to deal with on the set I got was the spring perches were removed so I had to take the ones off the...
  20. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I heard they use the American made parts from Mossberg but are assembled in Mexico. Either way they are rock solid, or the ones made a while back are.