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  1. It's Official

    Tonight he'll only get 2 hours of sleep.
  2. It's Official

    I think there is a better name. Arkansas is chocked full of these lovable guys. Dave, you could be ArArmadillo! Congrats on your new adventure, Dave!
  3. Bad influences. Good!

    You didn't even ask if they were made in China? :shock:
  4. What are you guys towing?

    Yet another half-back! Move to Florida and then halfway back. :like:
  5. Tailgate Ladder

    Does anyone else use the tire? I put the left foot on the tire, step up, and then swing the right leg up into the bed. I'm still flexible enough to make it work. I do like the built in step on the 6G Rangers. I'm thinking I can step on that with the right foot, then left foot on the tire, and...
  6. Hail Protection

    OMG! Dave is getting married!
  7. Hail Protection

    With a little Krylon spray paint it could be the spittin image of the Oscar Mayer weinermobile.
  8. Milestones…

    Oh man! The depressing funk I have been in is lifting!
  9. Milestones…

    Dave! Glad you are still kicking. You’ve been missed!
  10. Milestones…

    Congrats, Tracy! Retirement is highly underrated!
  11. 5g vs. 6g comparison

    More info:
  12. 5g vs. 6g comparison

    Ford recently announced that it will be offering hybrid power trains across its entire Ford Blue lineup for North America. I'm hoping that means the Ranger PHEV is coming to the USA.
  13. 5g vs. 6g comparison

    I'm waiting for the 6G PHEV to arrive in North America. That will open my check book.
  14. New Use For Graphene!

    Dang, I wish you would come retrieve your critters from Rochester, Minnesota. In 2005 they reached a peak population of 40,000 during the winter at Sliver Lake park. The lake was used for cooling the coal power plant (lake did not freeze) and they stayed the entire winter. Population has dropped...
  15. Tesla’s bricked by severe cold

    A Ranger PHEV is coming, but it is gas (not diesel). So far it is only announced for ROW, but I hope Ford will eventually bring it to North America.
  16. Jackery RTT with Retractable Solar Panels - Whaddya Think?

    Interesting concept, but a PHEV Ranger with Pro Power Onboard would be a simpler and more robust solution.
  17. ?? For you that also own hybrid vehicles

    The Toyota eCVT and Ford’s eCVT are very similar in design.
  18. ?? For you that also own hybrid vehicles

    Ford's transmission in the hybrid Fusion, C-Max, Maverick, Corsair Grand Touring and Escape is an eCVT. It has no belts or pulleys like old fashioned CVTs. These eCVTs are very reliable and almost bullet proof. I had 102,000 miles on my hybrid Fusion when I sold it to a friend. Would not have...
  19. ?? For you that also own hybrid vehicles

    I drove a 2015 Fusion hybrid for 9 years and now have a 2023 Escape PHEV. Like @RedlandRanger, the transition between ICE and EV is seamless and only know it is happening because of the dash electronics and the sound of the ICE. I loved that Fusion and think I will also love the Escape PHEV...
  20. Ford News EV Bronco and Ranger

    I am not aware of any Ford models currently using LFP batteries. Ford is trying to get them in the F-150 Lightning but not sure if they have done it yet. My Escape PHEV does not have LFP. Do you know of some Ford EV models with LFP?