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  1. Bad shock absorber?!

    Springs are one of those parts I would always replace in pairs, just like I would shocks, unless they are very low miles on the parts. Even if the part was exactly the same part number.
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    You say exhaust, I say diff pre-heater.
  3. Ford Thunder trucks...

    When I learned about the Ranger Thunder my dad was talking about getting a F-150 Lightning. He was planning on waiting for the Tesla charger support at purchase, but got tired of waiting and the prices just kept going up on them, so he got a Tesla Model Y. Anyway, I thought it would have been...
  4. Ford Thunder trucks...

    Try again, I thought linking just the casenumber was going to work, it appeared to work when I shortened the url and reloaded the page, perhaps there was still a session variable that allowed that to work.
  5. Ford Thunder trucks...

    As you know I liked the Ford Ranger Thunder in Europe enough to get badges and such from EU for mine. Today I decided to look on the trademarks page and found that in Early 2023 Ford applied for F-150 Thunder, Maverick Thunder trademarks and then later that year, after I bought my badges, a...
  6. Hope none of you need to visit a dealership anytime soon

    I truly think it will depend on the GM/parts staff. If they are willing to do things differently from the norm to get orders placed and have the extra work of backfitting those orders and working with the distribution location on side channels to get parts via a manual process and then when...
  7. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Does the SCab not have room under the rear seat for that? I have the Weigh Safe, that I think has a little more mass to it, and it fits in the box under the rear seat of the SCrew.
  8. I test drove a Ranger Raptor yesterday....

    Riverside in Havelock, NC has a blue Ranger Raptor with the extra graphics. If someone here decides to get get, I suggest asking for Albra and mention John with the Cyber Orange Ranger Thunder. But, it does look like they are asking $5k over sticker, but it's been there over a month, so maybe...
  9. 20 wild track power shutter not working

    @Kristina Do you have any insight on a manual process of operating the rear bed shutter? I'm guessing you are the most likely person to know since you had one and this thread has derailed into a versions of the English language comparison.
  10. 20 wild track power shutter not working

    I think it's about the power bed cover, WildTrak came with it, but that is a ROW trim and feature that we never got the option for in NA.
  11. Empty Taco can't pass max tow Ranger on Parley's Canyon

    You know the Ranger's GCWR over 7,000ft is only about 9875, right? If you have a failure and tow that much at that altitude warranty could be voided if they find it related.
  12. Had a Maverick XLT Hybrid for the weekend

    Cyber Orange Metallic is the only better color option than this gray. Black Appearance Package is a must for either color, IMO.
  13. Emissions Testing in NC with Ford Performance Tune ?

    Or go to a shop that is not too cheap to use full plastic seat covers. Shop I use uses seat, steering wheel, and floor covers, the only thing they don't cover are the shifter and pedals. You ain't gotta go to the quick lube for an inspection, in fact the place I normally use does not work with...
  14. Michigan New Raptor anyone

    Yes, it's a Ranger trim in Europe and South Africa that has the Raptor powertrain, but standard Ranger suspension (so standard towing instead of Raptors reduced towing). It's more of a street performance Ranger than the Raptor. Feature wise it was close to that of the Wildtrak. The notable...
  15. Michigan New Raptor anyone

    Ford would have to bring a Thunder to the US with the standard tow limit or better and the Raptor powertrain to get me interested. Last Sunday I had to answer questions about my Ranger as the guy thought it looks great but had never heard of the Thunder edition. I'll be raising awareness of what...
  16. I know this kind of topic is frowned upon but....

    Maybe it's that more used market buyers appearing now?
  17. New FordPass app just sux, literally worthless to actually use.

    For me it was the missing link to activate the AT&T hotspot in the truck. I'm now not seeing the option to revert again. At least we can still use the owner website to manual add service records.
  18. Spray in liner or bed mat

    My 2021 came with the Ford Spray in liner, later I added the bed rub. I have slept just fine on that under the tonneau cover.
  19. Emissions Testing in NC with Ford Performance Tune ?

    When every thing is working correctly that is how it should be. Now, if there is a part of the system failing that has not been addressed, it's not so smooth a process.
  20. New tonneau cover

    As soon as I saw the bed rails and power box, I was about to point out this is the 5G forum, not the 6G.