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  1. Manually change blend actuator from heat to AC?

    Tossed that valve posted above in, took 10 minutes, and good to go. No more heat from driver’s vents with AC, just nice cold air. Easily reversible if I ever want to go in and fix the stupid blend box.
  2. Manually change blend actuator from heat to AC?

    After weighing my options, I'm slapping one of these bad boys in and call it a day. Just going to bypass the heater core in the summer.
  3. Buyers remorse? MPG

    List it up in the classified section, it'll probably sell fast.
  4. Buyers remorse? MPG

    When you find a truck that checks all the boxes, let me know. ;)
  5. Manually change blend actuator from heat to AC?

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
  6. Manually change blend actuator from heat to AC?

    My driver’s side dash vents are stuck on heat only, which was tolerable this winter. As it warms up here, is it possibly to manually move the blend door to AC for summer? Sounds like a PITA to fix this problem on our trucks and not looking to dig into it any time soon.
  7. Bumper Banger

    At that price I'm going to hook a chain to mine, wrap it around a tree, carefully pull it back out, and call it good. Haha. Mine is only bent in an inch or so after being hit.
  8. Bumper Banger

    Is the OP looking for an aftermarket rear bumper, or just the side cap for the OEM bumper?
  9. Bumper Banger

    I need one for the other side, after some A-hole rear ended my truck on the highway.
  10. So, I changed the left blend door motor today.

    Fine… $75 :like:
  11. Are you still experiencing issues after your CDF replacement?

    Mine will do a strange upshift once or twice before it is at operating temp. No issues after that, yet.
  12. Can I simply use take-offs from an FX4 package?

    I've run the stock FX4 shocks with leveling spacers on my truck for 55k miles with no issues. That said, I don't expect my truck to ride like a Cadillac or handle like a Porsche. Bottom line, you'll be fine with those take-off shocks/tires and no need to overthink it beyond that. If you desert...
  13. Need advice regarding new tires.

    My new life hack when the Ranger needs new tires, haha. Jeep guys always have to put larger tires on their rigs when they buy a new one, so I always see their stock ones listed for sale and they just happen to be the size I want.
  14. Need advice regarding new tires.

    I tossed some take-off MTs from a Rubicon on my truck and haven't looked back. Paid $400 for a set of 5, 1 new and the others with less than 1000 miles. I had General Grabbers on the truck before that and they were good tires, but they didn't hold up to the abuse I tossed at them.
  15. Windshield Replacement

    My 2019 XLT came with Ranger on the windshield. Replaced it with the same OEM glass. Didn’t pay to “recalibrate” the camera and adaptive cruise / lane assist works fine.
  16. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Nah, just the OEM rubber bed mat. I've had the bed loaded with firewood, field stone, you name it, right up to the top of the bed rails countless times and the bed still looks fine. Pretty scratched up but no major dents or anything.
  17. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    After the logs are all prepped at my place the old Ranger will be hauling them up to our property on Bull Run Mountain. The drive in is pretty sketchy in spots, so probably 8 logs per trip. My tuck definitely does a lot of “truck stuff”, no carpet in the bed here. Haha!
  18. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Hauled a little wood for a trapper’s cabin project I’m working on.
  19. HVAC / Climate Control- Issues - Operation - T-Shoot and Breakdown

    Decided to drive my truck to work today...and nothing but full hot air from the driver/panel vents, even when calling for max AC. No clicking heard when attempting to adjust temps, but I assume this is a blend door and/or actuator problem. If so, this type of issue is common on a bunch of...