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  1. Floor Jack

    Thanks! Now I know what to look out for in a jack. Mine is a gazillion years old and doesn’t look like much but it works and doesn’t leak. When it comes time for me to buy a new floor jack, I will likely get kicked out of the store for opening all the jack boxes and inspecting the welds.
  2. Headrest Help

    Bummer - maybe double-check the Ford parts site to see if the part numbers are indeed different.
  3. Headrest Help

    Even when you measure closer to the headrest, where those rods can’t flex, it looks like my Scab headrests are 3-15/16” on centre.
  4. Headrest Help

  5. Ford Thunder trucks...

  6. Floor Jack

    I have to agree with @Big Blue and @tgRanger. I’d much rather have to get that Unijack in and out of my truck than I would a 70 lb floor jack. It’s bloody heavy and will be at the bottom of the tool box, underneath EVERYTHING - a real PITA. But definitely buy the floor jack for your garage. You...
  7. Ford Thunder trucks...

    If you also own a Lightning, knock on wood that they don’t. Okay, just hunt me down and shoot me.
  8. Hope none of you need to visit a dealership anytime soon

    Based on what I‘ve read in earlier posts, the issue is likely related to the latest Sync3 update. ;)
  9. First Truck — 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4

    That’s also my morning routine except my eyes are open…..barely. 🥴
  10. First Truck — 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4

    That may or may not be me.
  11. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Travel safe buddy. How many shopping stops between Phoenix and Tucumcari? ;)
  12. First Truck — 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4

    Welcome to the forum - nice looking truck. Since it’s your first truck, you probably don’t already have a laundry list of things you’d like to do with it. However, you did notice the bouncy ride and upgrading your rear shocks will solve that quickly. Now, don’t let these reprobates talk you out...
  13. 20 wild track power shutter not working

    Well, that makes things much more clear! ;) I kid because, here in North America, we call those things tonneau covers and what you call a tub, we refer to as a bed or box.
  14. It's Official

    The rest is for the stuff from Annie’s shopping trips. 🤣
  15. It's Official

    Dave’s neighbours when they saw that ABF Freight truck pulling away, followed by his white Tremor…..
  16. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    That looks like a lot of fun Neil. Can you use the same rig on ice but with blades?
  17. Anyone know this part and where I can replace? (Stock running board endcap)

    I wish I could help but a quick interim fix, until you find the end caps, might be some RTV Silicone. Easy enough to remove when you find the parts. If that doesn’t work, my guess is you need a much larger hammer to REALLY get it seated. ;)
  18. Trip OS

    Welcome back Cam - I hope you enjoyed your time away but I imagine you’re happy to be home. 😃
  19. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I’ve moved from great homes to completely new places six or eight times and it’s definitely a weird feeling leaving that house for the last time. Here’s to a great new adventure for you and Annie. I sure hope the new home comes together just the way you want it. Building is a whole new ball game...