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  1. Good for a laugh 🤣

    Haha, that was great. And true. Yeah, I ran a 2000 Trailhead version for 23 years and 280,000 miles and the original engine and tranny still pulled like new when I sold it. In that time I got married (and still married, haha) had a son who became a Sargeant in the USMC, changed jobs three times...
  2. Line-X... check ✔️

    That looks really good. I'm so glad I had mine done. It was indeed an aftermarket upsell by the dealer but I thought "what the hell" and got it done. I'm very happy. However, your post brings up something I didn't think about: There are different tiers of liner? How might I go about figuring out...
  3. New FordPass app just sux, literally worthless to actually use.

    I got "upgraded" too, no choice of mine. I don't have any of the weird issues mentioned above but my biggest gripe is that you cannot add a service. My second biggest gripe is that they took away the fuel gauge. Maybe I'm nitpicking about that one... 3rd gripe, I had to allow the app permission...
  4. 2020 Ford Ranger FX2 skid plates?

    Yeah, unfortunately (for some) that "Skid plate" that comes with the FX2 is basically a worthless piece of plastic that will get ripped off of you get too rough off road. As others have pointed out, you can buy Skid plate kits and that's a really good idea if you play hard, though I'm not sure...
  5. 1st but most important mod

    Omg. I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't know how you guys carry on. I would be devastated beyond words if something happened to my Erin. Take care friend. This makes me tear up. 😢
  6. Carbon Fiber Steering wheel? Pics and ownership experience?

    Thanks for all that info. If I did decide to have it done by someone else, what type of shop would you recommend? One you could trust to take pride in the job and do it right.
  7. Mileage update

    Ok I'll report in: 2022 XL Scab STX FX2 Velocity Blue. Drove new off the lot on 10/8 2022 after a 6 month wait for build. Currently 26,xxx miles. No trouble so far. 3 oil changes so far, full synthetic. Wash at least once a week with full interior detail, wax every 4 months but I do a quick...
  8. SoCal Garage Works Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    Hey I know this is a super old post but I was lead here by a newer post about these steering wheels and that thing looks absolutely fan f*****g tastic.
  9. Carbon Fiber Steering wheel? Pics and ownership experience?

    Oh my God, I knew I should NOT have clicked on that. I absolutely MUST have one. must. That's pure sex in the form of a steering wheel, lol. How am I ever going to explain to wife the extra $700 for a freaking steering wheel, plus installation? Btw, how much is installation because I def can't...
  10. 3 years later...

    I here ya. I'm at 19 months with my 22 at 25,xxx miles and still love it as much as when I drove it off the lot. Maybe even more now.
  11. 7k kms on my truck and

    You guys are funny
  12. 2.7L added to the 'Build and Price'

    I'm TOTALLY with you. Come on Ford, give us the engine option on ALL trim levels and drive train configurations. Having said that, I still feel lucky that 5g offered the same 2.3 across all trims. That was the deciding factor for me when I ordered mine.
  13. Traitor I Am 😥

    That's cool man, you can't beat a Jeep when it comes to off roading, that's for sure. Good luck and HAVE FUN
  14. Shop talk(I use my truck)

    I remember that post. Yes, it IS a truck and should be able to handle things within reason. Having said that, there is obviously more to the story. Abuse is a different thing entirely and it seems like the guy was definitely abusing his vehicle. The kind of damage he incurred was certainly not...
  15. 2024 Ford Ranger beats 2024 Taco in Motor Trend comparison

    And I might add that it's nice to see the Dark Horse taking down the BMW.
  16. 2024 Ford Ranger beats 2024 Taco in Motor Trend comparison

    Hell yeah! I'm super happy with my 5g but it's nice to see the new ones are kicking ass. A new Raptor sitting in my driveway would be pretty cool though...
  17. Ford Pass Update

    I'm not a fan of the upgrade. I like the old version just fine and don't mind the press and hold buttons. If they had the gas gauge and the map that shows the vehicle location in the new app I might like it more. And it tells me my truck is parked? WTF is that all about? I suppose it could...