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  1. Colorado Sold: RCI Bedrack

    RCI Sport Rack I have a RCI Sport Rack for sale. It was used for a single season. I moved to a SmartCap setup, so I no longer need the rack. Its in great condition. I did have to drill out a couple areas so that I could mount my roof top tent (pictured below). This rack is the 52" (medium)...
  2. MAP sensor location

    I’m getting a MAP sensor diagnostic code. I thought it was on the drivers side of the block. Can anyone confirm the location? Im at work and I’m fighting the dealership Parts dept.
  3. Colorado Sold: Built Right Industries bed side racks - $350

    I have a set of Built Right Industries bed racks for sale. Moved to a Decked system, so I no longer need them. Good shape, a couple scratches. Asking $175 per side. All mounting hardware included.
  4. Colorado Sold: Billie Bars 8" - $400

    I have a set of 8" Billie Bars for sale. I loved them, but needed a 12" setup for my use. A couple scuffs but overall very good condition. Asking $400. All hardware included.
  5. Colorado Eibach Pro 2.0 - $500

    I have a set of Eibach Pro 2.0 coilovers and rear shocks. I swapped out to something with a higher spring rate, since I have a bumper and winch on the front. They sell for $1000 new, asking $500. They have about 8000 miles on them. They're a bit dirty, but work great.
  6. How to calculate amp draw?

    Let me start by saying I know enough about electrical to get myself in trouble. I am about to tackle a project of rewiring basically all my accessories. I want to make sure that I am sizing my relays, fuses, etc correctly. Example: I have spot lights that are 178W (for the pair). I know that...
  7. Cars & Coffee - Feb 25 @ 9am

    A group of us Colorado Rangers are going to check out Cars & Coffee. We will be meeting at Lost Coffee at 0830 in Castle Rock (link below) and cruising over to the C&C in convoy. Let me know if you want to join up with us! We always love a good Ranger M&G. Link to Lost Coffee
  8. Colorado Sherpa Equipment Tent Mounts - $50

    I have a set of Sherpa Equipment Tent Mounts that I will not need with my new bed rack system. They work great with an extruded aluminum style system. These are the 'low' option. Looking to get $50. Will ship on buyers dime.
  9. Colorado 5ft Bed TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover - $150

    Pending - I have a 5ft Bed TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover that I used for about a a year. Changed out my bed rack and don't need it anymore. Looking for $150. No rips. You will need to get the gasket that goes at the cab side of the bed. Includes all mounting hardware (the 6 clamps).
  10. Colorado Sold: Swing Out Boxes $140/pair, $70/each

    I have a pair of swing out boxes for sale. They are in perfect working condition, though a little dirty. I bought them for $140/pair. I will sell them for the same. Price: $140/pair, $70/each I will ship on buyers dime. Don't know what that will cost, but can look in to it when the time comes.
  11. Colorado 255/80r17 Toyo Open Country ATIII - $800

    I have a set of 5 255/80r17 Toyo Open Country ATIIIs for sale. I went bigger. They have about 8000 miles on them. I will provide a receipt to show the tires have Certificates (road hazard warranty). 1 tire has a patch (or will, I saw the nail and have to take it to be fixed). 1 tire was the...
  12. Colorado Eibach Pro 2.0 - $500

    I swapped out for a heavier duty front suspension. These were on the truck for about 10,000 miles. They are a bit dirty, but work great. These are located in CO. I can ship them, at buyer's expense. Here is the link to the suspension from Stage 3, where I bought them. If you are local...
  13. Ultimate Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® Front-Drive Unit Axles

    New gears for front Its finally being released. This is a game changer for those who offroad.
  14. brake upgrades that won't cost me an arm and a leg

    My brakes aren't bad, per se, but they aren't good either. I get a lot of noise out of the factory brakes, and they could perform better. On my next oil change, I am going to see if the dealer will do a brake fluid flush under warranty, for the squishy brake pedal. Besides that, has anyone...
  15. Shoutout to Frank at S3M

    I wanted to give a shoutout to Frank (@Stage3Motorsports). He has taken care of me (and others) since I joined the forum. I don't mean financially either. Frank has great customer service. He's quick to respond, will answer questions, can build your cart with the parts you're looking at...
  16. Measurement request

    Can someone with a stock Ranger take a couple of measurements for me? Front: Center of hub to fender Ground to fender Rear: Center of hub to fender Ground to fender I never took these measurements when I was stock and I am trying to make a few choices around next steps. Thanks!
  17. Your rig in epic camp sites!

    I like pictures. I'm a sucker for taking them, looking at them, and holding them close. I hope this thread will serve as a place to share your setups and sites. I will start: This was July 1 Second camp at July 2
  18. How are you wiring your micro fuses in to the engine bay fuse block?

    I know to get a micro fuse tap and how to wire it in, the real question is: how are you getting the fuse box lid back on and running the wire out?
  19. iOS 16 and CarPlay

    Watching the WWDC and CarPlay is set to get a full redesign. One of the features is adjusting HVAC without leaving the CarPlay screen. Looks like it could be a really nice upgrade.
  20. Exploded Parts Diagram

    Has anyone found an exploded parts diagram online? I need to search for a couple parts, but I don't know what I'm looking for, exactly. I used to be able to search the diagram on for my Harley when I needed parts and part numbers.