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  1. Rough Country LED Bumper Lights

    Very nice. When I did mine it was like 10° lol. Well worth it
  2. Right side of Tailgate hinge pop out easily whenever I open the tailgate

    Have the gas strut. Never had an issue but I also install the McGuard. My son’s tail lights were stolen so we put all kinds of security on to negate the issue. The tailgate lock, security screws for the tail lights and the tailgate access panel. Hard panel tonneau…… the mcguard will def keep it...
  3. Wheel dust shields

    No, but did on my last truck and am trying to avoid it
  4. Wheel dust shields

    I’ve done some research and really doesn’t affect anything heat wise or braking ability. I’m looking at this for more of a way to keep my rims from getting pitted from brake dust
  5. Wheel dust shields

    Hey Ranger fam, looking for some info on adding brake dust shields to my 2022 Ranger. It has a 6 bolt pattern and I cannot seem to find anything. Wondering who may have done this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  6. Best year for 5g ranger

    I have a 2022. Never had an issue has 33000 miles only been to dealer for oil changes. My son has a 2023 and same for him
  7. Ford Perimeter Plus Alarm system

    Well my 2022 Ranger did not have the module as the video shows. At least not with the shock sensor
  8. Putco tailgate emblem

    I tied into the trailer wiring harness
  9. Ford Pass Update

    I am on iOS and the fuel level does seem to be missing or I haven’t found it yet. It does show the range in miles but I liked the fuel level better
  10. Ford Perimeter Plus Alarm system

    Perimeter alarm and perimeter plus are 2 different animals. The plus gives you the shock sensor with sensitivity adjustment and has added remote start capability if it isn’t stock on your vehicle ( there is a jumper to add the remote start with your factory remote)
  11. Battery, BMS , charging questions?

    Does you start/stop function ok?
  12. Exact changes made for Auto Start/Stop delete option.

    Well you may be right about the cable. Not for sure when I change these 2 lines I get an incompatible config alert. Also should I have kept the other changes you mentioned prior to this change?
  13. Exact changes made for Auto Start/Stop delete option.

    Really wished this would have worked. I’ve tried all of this stuff and cannot get it working. Not sure what to do at this point.
  14. Remote start

    You should be able to get the ford perimeter + alarm system. It’s an easy install. There is a jumper that needs to be in place so you can use your original fob to control remote start. Follow the directions carefully to make sure it is working properly. Cheapest place I found was Levittown ford
  15. Exact changes made for Auto Start/Stop delete option.

    Unfortunately none of these changes worked 😔
  16. Rear Tail light ding

    Had similar issue. Yes make the claim. Most insurance will just pay you and you can replace yourself and save some cash. That's what I did. You can buy the light less the BLIS sensor from Levittown ford for about $900 and put your BLIS sensor in it. This way you don't have to have it recalibrated.
  17. Exact changes made for Auto Start/Stop delete option.

    This is awesome. Thank you so much. I have one question. When you say vin related at the beginning of this message, I’m thinking example vin number 1-5 = 01 as the last 2 digits of the hex code. What part of the vin are you referencing to get that number
  18. Exact changes made for Auto Start/Stop delete option.

    So just thinking. The as built that I would look at based on my VIN would be without the ASS because that’s how it came from the factory correct? Or would it be different because they deleted it after the fact? If after the fact then I may be able to see something but if it’s the same as when I...