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  1. California For Sale - RTR Grille w/o Bezel

    Selling a few of my RTR parts, 1st up. The RTR Grille w/ LED Lights. Asking $350. Fits Rangers 2019-23. The lights have, for lack of a better word, peeled some. I tried to contact RTR about it, but it is out of warranty and they want $325 for new lights. Lights work great, no broken tabs...
  2. California Hey... Looking for a single 18" RTR Wheel

    Any one have an RTR 18" Wheel (18x9 +30) they need to get rid of? Do not care about color, as it will be my spare. RTR is out of stock, so to be honest, any 18" x 9" +30 wheel that fits a 5g Ranger could work.
  3. WeBoost Feedback - Drive Reach Overland Version

    Hey All, Seen a few posts about WeBoost, but not a lot of feedback. Interested in the Drive Reach Overland Version, any one who has it? Uses it, or did you toss it? How is it working for you? Thanks, Jason
  4. California Sold: WTS: 60 Day Old Battery - Northern California / East Bay Area

    So some of you know, I had to buy a battery back in June because the dealer would not warranty my original battery with a non-FOMOCO battery. So I bought one to get me by, while waiting for the strike at the Battery Making Plant to end. Well today I got that fixed. I know someone on here...
  5. California Sold: WTS: Saddleman Seat Covers / Fronts - East Bay, Northern CA

    Selling a pair of Black/Charcoal Saddleman Seat Covers for the Front Seats of Ford Rangers. Should be 19-23's, I have a 20 XLT.. Picked them up in Oct '22, The one that I had on the drivers side, had a seam split on the bottom panel where your left leg would be. Sent it back to Saddleman and...
  6. You guys are all the worst!

    You all keep posting about batteries failing and now mine has caught it. Thought I would get through another 6 mos, but after charging for a full weekend and getting a battery tender (the Ford Performance one), now two weeks later and all the notices are back. My battery failed a test at a...
  7. You always remember your first, Right?

    1997 Ranger XLT 4x4 w/ 4.0L V6 5sp Manual and my first new car as well. Politely lifted, and modified the heck out of the stereo with 3 JL 10's in the back. Sorry no pics of 'em. The seats were the most comfortable we have EVER had in a vehicle. It was a great truck, not sure why I was stupid...
  8. Anyone removed the shifter / shift boot?

    In my ever expanse down the rabbit hole of "that was my last mod" to then ponder and think of other ways to Thank the Ranger5g family with the ultimate, "I didnt know I needed that!" Has anyone removed the shift boot, I am looking to replace it with the same material as the e-brake I just...
  9. Oh I miss this one!

    400+ HP at the rear wheel. So shiny and clean, could never leave the garage.
  10. California Sold: FS: Qty 4 - Bridgestone Dueler A/T Tires / Stock 255/65-17

    Its a long shot, but i am selling the stock Bridgestone Dueler A/T's in 255/65-17. Quiet, nice ride, only 4000 miles. No plugs, repairs, scrapes and are in great shape. Not ready to splurge for new tires? Do you want to upgrade to 17's and are not ready for a big tire bill? or... Do you like...
  11. California Sold: WTB: 1 Stock Sport Magnetic 17" wheel (West Coast Preferred)

    Hello, Looking to add a 17" Spare to match my 17" Magnetic Sport Wheels. If you have one (only need one) in pretty good shape, please let me know. Looks like they go for around $50. I do not need the tire and, If we time it right, I can pick it up. Thanks! Jason