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  1. Tonneau cover plus bed rack combos, what works?

    On my last truck I made the mistake of purchasing a tonneau cover that didn't work with racks. So which combos work?
  2. Front End Level With Coilovers Best Suited for Rear OEM Shock?

    I want to raise the front of my Tremor, by an inch or two. No, I do not want a spacer lift. I do not want to sacrifice ride quality, suspension travel, or geometry. Looking at the Fox catalog it looks like the 2.0 front option is: 985-02-133 Fox2.0 Front Coilovers 0-3" lift Does anyone have...
  3. Does the Tremor have Package Specific Lower and Upper Control Arms?

    I promise I've searched for this one, so forgive me if it's been covered. I just picked up a '21 Tremor, and was curious if it has specific upper control arms or lower control arms, versus a non-Tremor Ranger. I know the knuckles are "different," but what does that mean? Are they different in...
  4. Aonarch's 2021 Ranger Tremor XLT Build

    Crappy nighttime photo. I snagged it a hour and a half away for $4k off MSRP with no dealer add ons. 301A, Tremor package, technology package, tow package, graphics. I've already ordered a Livernois Motorsports tune. I've had nothing but excellent experiences with Livernois. I'm coming...