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  1. Darwin Award Thread

    So much for using the bike lane 🙄
  2. It's Official

    Dave, the backs getting better, and of course I over did it the last couple of days lol. Heating pad is awesome. I have a followup with my spinal neurosurgeon on the 17th hoping I get some more restrictions lifted. Stay safe!
  3. It's Official

    Congrats Dave, new state and new memories to come!
  4. Milestones…

    Most welcome Tracy! I'm doing much better after double total disc replacement surgery about a month ago. Still have alot of restrictions til my Doc cuts me loose but both of my sciatic nerves are no longer pinched all the time. It's amazing what technology can do now days! are
  5. Milestones…

    Congratulations Tracy
  6. For the Pedal Commander Fan Boys out there

    😅🤣 Back in the 70s at the heighth of the oil embargoes there was a tv commercial on (for a short while) that "claimed" that if you strapped there device onto the bottom of your gas pedal , the pre calibrated device (a block of wood cut at a steep angle) would not allow your vehicle to go...
  7. Bosch sparkplug

    Found these iridium plugs while googling. Has good ratings each spot I looked. I had been looking for some ngk plugs but was getting errors and won't fit alerts. Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plug 9697
  8. ROUSH Tune

    I put my roush tune and cold air kit I. The truck around the same time as you, Mines a 2019 Lariat screw. How has your mileage been? Are you running new plugs? I had my Ford dealer install my tune so warranty wasn't effected, but I did my own cold air kit and I only run premium
  9. Spark plug gap 2019 ranger

    I'll order the plugs and supplies and wait til a warm day, woodshops heated but the main garage isn't. I am one of the lucky few that has the oem engine cover, not sure if that helps divert water away from the plugs. I don't cross creeks etc, a drive in the rain and carwashes is the only time...
  10. Spark plug gap 2019 ranger

    Bookmarked for followup. My mpg has dropped a bit, 2019 Lariat with about 32k, still have the oem plugs and gap. Wondering if changing plugs might help raise it back into the 19.5 in town rating. I checked it this week and it was 18. I did notice that I had left my mag light charger plugged...
  11. New Falken Wildpeak AT4W

    I love my wild peaks!
  12. Cobra 75 All Road Mounting

    Thanks, I was clear on a bed mount just wanted to see how you did it. I have a bit of dead space between the back of the bed and the retractable bed cover box where I could mount it and even an antenna, not concerned as much with distance in reception as I am with mounting clearance. I only...
  13. Cobra 75 All Road Mounting

    Pics? I briefly looked at this radio, what is mounted in the bed and how did you power it? Antenna?
  14. Switch to activate perimeter alarm if Tailgate is opened

    Weeeeeee! I've seen plastic claymores as receiver hitch plugs
  15. Switch to activate perimeter alarm if Tailgate is opened

    Well look at you with a screwdriver I don't have! Off to Lowes then lol. It's gonna be a minute before I can crawl underneath to tighten that, I am a month postop on another full knee replacement. If I get on the concrete floor I will be doing stupid human tricks to get back up LOL
  16. Switch to activate perimeter alarm if Tailgate is opened

    I like the hose clamp idea, never even thought of it. I've inadvertently lifted 1 end or the other of the gate out of the hinge a few times. Any idea what size it is? I may look into buying 4 security screws to replace my oem screws thar hold the tail light I
  17. Switch to activate perimeter alarm if Tailgate is opened

    Advanced chimpanzee intervention device...ACID
  18. Switch to activate perimeter alarm if Tailgate is opened

    Hmm, surveillance monkey assist? Automatic primate escape device APED