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  1. Motor Trend 2024 Ford Ranger Vs. 2024 Toyota Tacoma: Ranger Wins! Have to admit I was not expecting this result as, for really no reason at all besides presumption, I had expected some journalistic bias over the new Taco. Heck yeah - go Ranger, go!
  2. Porsche Headlights: A New Theft Epidemic

    Seems this is primarily happening in Europe right now based on the license plates of these cars - but this made me sick to my stomach. Reminds me of the thirst scumbags have for our tail lights - only much, much messier than a punch through the tailgate handle. A sawzall... rough way to go. The...
  3. PHEV 6G Ranger Announced: EU, Australia, NZ only.

    Cue the wah-wah trombones. It's gonna be batteries only for us in the USA, I'm afraid.
  4. Maverick Engine Swap 2.0 Ecoboost -> 2.3 Ecoboost from Ranger Per the article it can pull a car length on a Mustang GT and hold with a Scat Pack Challenger at a drag strip! The modder says it was 99% plug-and-play. Hope you enjoy the read.
  5. Drunk Driving Salesperson Rolls Customer Ranger Raptor During Joyride

    Crash takes place around the 1:40 mark. Seems like this took place in South Africa based on the dialect. Here's the article to accompany. Seems like on the list of things to film... this would be on the bottom. Blame it all on the alcohol, I suppose.
  6. Nevada Sold: Bungee Cargo Net GIVEAWAY (qty: 1)

    Hi Gang. I've received my third cargo net for free as an add-on with a dry bag I bought for my truck bed. I have a half-size and full-size already. I believe this is a full-size but could be wrong - I've never taken it out. It does come with a bag of small black carabiners. Since this thing...
  7. RANGER Tailgate Lettering Inlay Vector Graphic for DIY Stickers (.eps, Legacy .ai)

    Hey gang! Our esteemed member @Jhbryaniv had asked me if I could whip this up for the group to make our own tailgate letter stickers; and I have! EDIT: .svg format added Link to Download The Graphic (Vector Formats: .eps, .ai (CS2 Legacy and CC2023) Preview Formats: .png) What this is...
  8. Fuelio - Android Auto / Apple Car Play App Review: "The MPG Calculator in your Dash"

    Hey Gang - I see a lot of two things on these forums since joining: conversations revolving around MPG and the Fuelly app. Well, as an Android user I went looking for Fuelly and found out it's kind of an iPhone thing. They stopped supporting Android in 2014. Looking for alternatives I found...
  9. Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating - DIY Review

    I spent last weekend applying Adam's UV Ceramic Coating to my brand new truck and am very happy with the results; insofar as the application and finished product go. I will update this thread periodically to update everyone as to how happy I am with the longevity of the product. According to the...
  10. New Dealer Lot Purchase: 2022 XLT Supercrew 4x4 Splash

    Here's a temperature check for everyone on what a "cold" dealer lot visit looks like. I'll get into the stuff I think everyone wants to know first and then I'll get into the nitty-gritty for the folks I don't lose. Did I pay a markup? Yes, yes I did. All said and done it totaled $3,500. I...