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  1. I know this kind of topic is frowned upon but....

    I like to bring my MMA coach to my interviews, seems to help ...
  2. Adventures in drivers Ed - need a few part numbers

    I taught my youngest son how to drive in my then 4 month old Ranger and I was a nervous wreck the whole time. A lady blasted through a stop sign right in front of us and I yelled stop so loud that the pedestrians next to us started laughing. Somehow the Ranger survived the drivers training...
  3. fordpass and check engine light

    Many of us use the free app called Forscan. You will need to buy an adapter that will cost around $60. You can read, clear codes, do maintenance procedures and reprogram with this app.
  4. Buyers remorse? MPG

    It seems like it's down to physics. It will take about the same amount of energy to tow a load regardless of the vehicle, unless the engine/transmission is really inefficient. Our Rangers are pretty efficient, turbo and all. Also, I am not sure how much having the SCR and DEF on a diesel effect...
  5. Stryd3r Refit documentary

    Interesting thread, but I feel like I just took Ayahuasca. I can't piece it together, especially the post with the wreck and mention of a canvas?
  6. Ranger Horn, Anemic at best

    I agree, mine is loud enough to spook me when it does the double honk.
  7. New FordPass app just sux, literally worthless to actually use.

    I found it. Have to first login and then: select Add Record
  8. New FordPass app just sux, literally worthless to actually use.

    Any pointers on how to do that online? I am having trouble finding where to add an oil change.
  9. New Ford Pass

    The short story is that they have removed the add a new record feature. You now see the old records under Reference. This bums me out as well.
  10. Mileage update

    At 98K it will be: Mr. Scott, I need warp drive online now! Sorry captain, but the CDF drum bushing has slipped out of place, you can't change the laws of physics!
  11. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Not a powder burner, but still a lot of fun! It's a Skout Epoch competition benchrest air rifle in 0.177. I have the LPVO on it as a place holder for a high end scope I am still saving up for.
  12. Key Fob Accidental Alarm Press Silenced

    I admire your workmanship, but did that in Forscan like many others. I set my off at a rest stop at 3 am while everyone including me was trying to sleep. I was so startled it took me a good 10 seconds to realize what had happened and turn it off.
  13. Maximizing Battery Life

    Does anyone know if turning off ASS/BMS in Forscan is the same as unplugging the BMS connector?
  14. Maximizing Battery Life

    Do you disconnect battery to run the repair mode? I have mine charging up on the NOCO G5 and want to run repair mode next.
  15. What’s your favourite (non-tailgate damper) mod you’ve done, for under $100?

    The ValvoMax drain plug, Wolf Haus 12V bed socket in orange, and the Viofo A119 dashcam.
  16. Easiest way to change transmission fluid?

    Since you are still under the powertrain warranty, I would use the Msfittoy method which leaves no trace that you did anything. I am about ready the buy the pump myself.
  17. 3 years later...

    I had pizza in Singapore that had curry and shrimp on it. Not to my liking but edible. I also had German food in Singapore that was considerably better than the German food I had in Germany.
  18. Best year for 5g ranger

    My June 2021 is still going strong, but has low milage (17K). One thing I have noted is that this year /month hasn't have any recalls. Battery is slowly declining and will probably last the 36 month warranty period. I was hoping it would die a little faster so I could get a free replacement, but...
  19. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    My thoughts are they can't spell piece worth shite.
  20. Ford Tech at the dealership is dumb founded - Auto Start/Stop issue

    Unfortunately, not many technicians have good electrical troubleshooting skills. Even though I am a software engineer, I get called into the fab at work to troubleshoot the laser micro-machining tools. I used to be a microwave tech at a military contractor where I learned how to troubleshoot...