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  1. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    Hell yeah! That looks great man! Glad I could help!
  2. How long did your OEM battery last on your 2019 XLT?

    2nd owner here, 2021 Ranger - Died a month ago.. so 2 years.
  3. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    So far its been fine. I've taken it on some bumpy and rocky trails, no rubbing (yet)
  4. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    No worries! Please share once you do get them on!
  5. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    Sorry for the delay, here's the video of the spacing.. seems like passenger is tighter, but no rubbing at all! Just a reminder that I did loosen up the crash bars and push them forward.
  6. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    My apologies - as far as I know, there isnt
  7. Las Vegas - Trail runs

    Anyone ever meet up to hit some trails? Would love to have a fellow Ranger buddy out here!
  8. Is it me or does the base Ranger seem "too tall"

    Even used similar language... disclosure.
  9. Amp install 2021

    Ive seen issues of people losing chimes when installing amps. I cant seem to find a straight answer for this.. how does this get fixed? Thanks!
  10. Lessons learned from my Kicker Key Amp install.

    Could you link that kit that you got? Thanks for this info!
  11. 285 70 17 Wildpeaks are on!!!

    Take cover! (I just read this entire thread lol)
  12. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    Phew.. thanks! What it came down for me (right now), was the cost aspect. I was able to get a really good deal on black friday ($650 shipped), where as you the Morimoto's are a little more than that as you know. So far theyve been great. Too bad my dumb ass didnt connect the DRL harness...
  13. Light Bars??

    Just wanted to thank you for this! I bought the same light bar as you. Ended up making my own brackets by using steel tie plates (bent/flexed and trimmed as needed). Here's some pics
  14. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    New mod for the new year! Installed a bumper light bar - this one I ended up making my own mounts that actually ended up working great. I used steel tie plates from HD (...
  15. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    Crap.. I'll do this today! Sorry!
  16. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    Yeah rear has no issues at all. I’ll take pics tomorrow and send them over
  17. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    Made and applied my custom Tremor sticker Not 100% perfect, but I know I’m my own worst critic.
  18. Check those Tremor Decals

    Made and applied my custom Tremor sticker Not 100% perfect, but I know I’m my own worst critic.
  19. Burnkill's - RangerOne Build

    I’m running stock Tremor size tires - 265/70/17. My guess is you’ll definitely need to remove both crash bars (front and rear).
  20. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Gave the Ranger a bath