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  1. Bed cover rec?

    Have you treated the top of yours with anything? I haven't and it's fading a bit. Wasn't sure if 303 would help.
  2. Bed cover rec?

    I have the Bak Revolver X4s hard roll up. I like it a lot. Only leaking I've seen is a tiny bit at the tailgate corners. Only downside is that it has to be all the way open or all the way closed. Can't open part way while moving. I had a retractable cover on my F150....that was my...
  3. Help identifying fatal hit and run evidence

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything more here locally.
  4. Help identifying fatal hit and run evidence

    I know this is a long shot. We had a fatal pedestrian hit and run in our neighborhood just before Christmas. These photos are the only vehicle evidence collected at the scene. If anyone can possibly shed any light on what type of vehicle they are from, I will pass along to our local police...
  5. New Taco review

    If I were in the market, I'd give it serious consideration......especially since they still offer a Super Cab.
  6. Phone volume issues

    No...only iPhones in our family.
  7. Phone volume issues

    Update....calls work perfectly if I unplug from CarPlay.
  8. Phone volume issues

    Phone volume and radio volume set to max....still have to shout at the top of my lungs for anyone to hear me.
  9. Phone volume issues

    Sorry, should have searched first. Found that this is a common problem.
  10. Phone volume issues

    Hi folks....whenever I call someone from my '23 XLT, they can barely hear me. I can hear them just fine. I have the phone volume all the way up and the radio sound level all the way to the max (30). And I have the phone audio set to Sync. Is there any sort of sensitivity setting for the...
  11. Rock Auto First Order!

    Big fan of RA....really like how easy it is to search for the part you need and then often see multiple brand/price choices for each part. Shipping costs are reasonable too.
  12. MAP on strike and two others;

    I'm generally supportive of unions, but demanding 40% pay increase, 32 hour work week and a defined benefit pension plan? I think these guys and gals have been inhaling too many fumes from the paint booth.
  13. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    Strange, indeed....since yours is a '19 model. Have you clicked on the Menu in the Climate Screen to see if they are on the Additional Climate Controls screen?
  14. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    Which is why I think this feature was deleted in '23 or earlier.
  15. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    Not on mine....clicking on menu only brings up Max a/c and Max defrost buttons. No seat heaters on Home Screen either.
  16. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    I thought maybe it might be a Lariat thing, but I see you have an XLT like me. I really do think they deleted it at some point.
  17. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    Or maybe another deleted item for us '23 owners :rolleyes:
  18. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    Hmmmm.....mine doesn't. Is it only when the seat heater is on?
  19. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    Mine does not, but I don't know if it did before 23188 because I never use that screen.
  20. Sync 3 v3.4.23188

    But they did know this time, even without me sending an XML file. It's like magic :). My OCD is finally happy!