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  1. 🧐What Factors Do You Consider When Selecting The Turn Signals | Lasfit Small Talk

    Skynet is becoming aware. It is improving.
  2. Welp Ive finally started the rest of my build ADV Fenders going on..

    I never understood why companies release vehicle specific fiberglass products with fitment issues. All that tells me is they give shit all about QA for whichever company they are out-sourcing from or even worse lazy in-house product development. I get that fiberglass isn't an injection molded...
  3. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Almost next to no one is running 255/85/17 so vehicle specific fitment is almost non-existent and only one company has this size combo. I did not know this was a thing, Ill call and ask thanks.
  4. Ranger Raptor Dream Build

    Well you can probably buy a 2014 Raptor for the price of a 2023 Ranger. So... that would be my first suggestion?
  5. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Does anyone know a basic way to measure for bigger tire fitment? I'm not interested in messing with stock suspension because the factory setup with DSSV's and a factory +3" is all I am after. However I still have my eye on 255/85/17 (35") pizza cutters instead of 285/70/17 (33"). Would it be...
  6. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Well I decided to try the Icon's out. Ordered them through Discount Tire hopefully should be here next week. They price matched BBWheelsOnline which saved me about $80 so that was nice.
  7. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    What do you guys think about the Icon brand? I was somewhat set on getting some RTR Tech 6 wheels again and having them powder coated a matching a tan color. But been eyeballing some Icon Vector 6 wheels in bronze, theirs is a much lighter color of the bronze wheel variant. After all said and...
  8. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    It does exactly what it is suppose to. No regrets on the purchase.
  9. Georgia For Sale: Complete Rear Rig Camping/Storage Setup ($2,500)

    Bump lowered to $2,000 before it goes into storage.
  10. 🎉Love Your Ride, Love the Lights: Claim Your Free Turn Signal Enhancement Now!

    Lastfit has been signing up on every car forum imaginable looking for shills. I have some Lasfit products, no issues with them, but a spade is a spade. They seem to exclusively use AI to write adverts which is amusing. I vaguely recall a product description that explained a truck as a magical...
  11. Pack Rack launch

    Over $200,000 in backing for what equates to a giant adjustable camp table. I weep for society. But hey, not my money. More power to them.
  12. Future Ford Vehicles Could Get Suspension Damage Detection

    People forget, at the end of the day we have the vehicle prices we have now because of the government, not manufacturers. My first detective step would be looking to see if the government is once again mandating something to the auto industry. A lot of people don't realize, things like back...
  13. Ford Accessories not honoring purchase

    Why didn't you just return the second one if it was missing parts? Or I suspect you would be like me and say "screw this I'll fix it myself"? Cause I'm stubborn too. Come on you ain't fool'n me!
  14. This made me happy and might make you happy

    Clickbait DIY/Car/Overlanding/Mechanical Item Rules (Video Thumbnail Edition): - selfie of you pointing at something - photoshop nipples on a female through her shirt - a female showing actual hard nipples though clothing - "I have a hard decision to make..." text over the thumbnail - "It...
  15. Ford Accessories not honoring purchase

    So were you not able to return a damaged product? Both posts about swing cases are so vague as to understand what the actual problem was?
  16. Ford Accessories not honoring purchase

    So they made a mistake and offered to refund your money correct? Besides maybe offering an oil change to cover for wasted time as a good faith coupon I'm not sure what your gripe is. You are not entitled to something in error. Especially not something that involves a sizable chunk of money...
  17. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    It is not getting much use this year, but what little a drive it, it operates as it should. Feels slower than my Ranger with 93 tune, but has more quality of life features. I've driven it less than 250 miles since January. Busy working as much OT as possible to pay cash for the Tune M1 camper...
  18. The ZR2 SPEC-R3

    Super excited to report I finally washed 2 months worth of pollen off it. Those of you with hard shell type RTT's know what this lovely PITA I got to experience for the first time was like. Yea, sorry - that is all I got.
  19. I’m indecisive, help me choose new wheels.

    The wheel design common with 6" lifted trucks of course;