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  1. off road jacks, jacking points?

    I want one of those for my travel trailer.
  2. Vibration while Towing Cargo Trailer

    When you first got up to 60 and 70MPH you didn't feel anything and then it started later? and Now it does it all the time? I would say a wheel lost it's balancing weight after a few miles, What did the trailer company say?
  3. Torque Value and Tips for removing Tow Hitch Receiver?

    you got manual with your ranger? that was part of my deleted packages LOL
  4. Builtright interior molle panel

    Father with Toddlers. I have extra diapers, a couple of plastic bags, and a package of baby wipes in the door pocket. Stuffed along the edge of the seat is a roll of paper towels. and behind the head rest is a bucket a Listerine disinfectant wipes. Because cleaning up milk puke out of the back...
  5. New Tire Decision

    Approaching 30k at about the 3 year Mark. I am going to need new shoes for next summers towing. I only go about 750 miles a year towing about 5,500# trailer, I do have some class 5 and class 6 dirt roads to deal with but not every day, I also have to deal with snow and slush in the winter...
  6. Project Msfitoy V3.0,+Spencerport,+NY+14559/@43.1943738,-77.801352,55m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x89d6ac4819076d67:0x28eebf95c407b29e!8m2!3d43.1943453!4d-77.8011902!16s/g/11c1cfd5yh?entry=ttu...
  7. Too old to change oil ?

    My father is 75, and he sold his boat this spring(before he told me he was going to) as in his words he is too old to bounce around on the lakes and rivers anymore. he started building boats when he was 14. sunk more than a few he built, dove down to get his motors back, and then rebuilt the...
  8. Safe to leave hitch receiver installed?

    note the expensive lock holding it but no lock on the clips holding the balls themselves in place. as a note I always remove mine. to many shin issues. but that is the only reason. Also my standard fixed hieght drop hitch, 2 different size balls and a a big ass wrench are in the swing case...
  9. New Hampshire 2021 XLT Mirrors with Blind spot Indicators

    I have a pair of side view mirrors for XLt with the blind spot indicators. These are the mid range mirror. $225 for the set or $100 each. I can ship anywhere in the continental 48 states, Canadians please message I can make arrangements for you too.
  10. Anyone mount an Ham Radio antenna on the bed ot the truck?

    which ditch light bracket? on last count you had more light backets than I have fingers.
  11. Trailer lights always on while towing?

    I manually turn my truck lights to ON while towing so that all my rear facing camera operates. haven't tried putting it into neutral and seeing if it comes on. but I don't like to fiddle with it once it is setup and turning the lights on lets me fiddle with everything still in park. I would...
  12. Mountain bike tailgate cover/pad

    Partial Thread revival, I ended up with the swagman Bar this spring. First 100 miles round trip camping with one adult bike 3 kid bikes, and the camper. Worked well, and bonus swapping the one bar for my trifold soft cover is a quick 10 minute process by myself.
  13. Carrying 12' pipes, hang out of the bed?

    the above advice is all good. a tail gate extender. I also add strappable weight on the end in the bed. if they don't flex much it helps keeps things down. I have a support structure for 8' and 10' boards. but 10' is a lot of...
  14. To the Ranger in western MA!

    I have driven around southern NH and have seen lots of rangers. even a couple of the forest Green, but I look for more Blue and a Soupie'd up Red Ranger. only a few Blues. Mine stands out with the mirror upgrade.
  15. Redarc Tow Pro Elite Install

    Agreed that is where mine is installed too. I also zeroed off the knob, and then marked the plastic at about the 8 oclock position and set zero on the dial there. I can look down and see what number i am at with a glance while driving, and easily make sure it is where it should be. Also...
  16. Ford Tie Down Hook -Talk about price gouging....

    Yep M8 by 1.25 thread size. is standard. now there are 2 hole sizes in the bed. the hold downs are M8. the 3 holes on each side almost hidden by the tailgate are M6. I have 2 of the above loops at the top front of the bed for easy reach hold down point as the actual tide downs are far to...
  17. What are you guys towing?

    not only that but you have a sport. I bet you don't have blind spot either so you are talking base model mirrors, with fold.
  18. We're Off Part 2.... AZ-WY-MT-SD-AZ

    with AZ cutting new construction due to low water level I see youl brought your own in.
  19. MP1 Is Up For Auction

    In April at work we had a company car inspected. it failed, had it fixed with epoxy had it fail again, then had the windshield replaced. it was a company car, but that was a painful week and a half for that salesman. so when I took a rock chip the size of a quarter. I had it replaced.