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  1. Ranger Raptor Dream Build

    Have you check APG? If you got cash they are a good one. They are in your neck of the woods. I got a 3.5 inch lift and currently using a 295/70R17 Nitto Recon Graphler
  2. 2019 Ford Ranger water in coil

    Keep updating your post here, I'm sure some of the folks are Engineers at Ford and probably looking into the issues. Sorry about your bad experience.
  3. What the hell is this??

    Every oil change or if remember it. LOL
  4. TPMS Sensor issue

    Discount tire can reset it for free, as well.
  5. What the hell is this??

    I used peppermint oil and cotton balls with a metal can and got myself a magnet at Harbour freight tools. Rats don't like the smell of peppermint oil.
  6. What the hell is this??

    Sushi wrap!!!
  7. 2019 Ford Ranger water in coil

    Check your $3k extended warranty that you purchase, this might fall under that warranty. Sorry to here about your bad experience and thank you for posting it so we all can be aware of this.
  8. Fit 35s?

    I have a 3.5 front and 1.5 in the rear. I have been using 33.3 for the last three and half years. I have Fox 2.0 in front and eibach in the rear.
  9. Ford Perimeter Plus Alarm system

    This is what I got from Levitown Ford bought it later on and I didn't need forscan to activate it. It was an easy install. There is a thread here that I think other folks had to do something on forscan.
  10. Has anyone ordered the Ranger APG prerunner parts & installed DIY?

    I'm here in SoCal and have been watching their pre-runner package but I heard some folks installed the APG but I'm not sure they are here on the forum or haven't log in. I know some of the Rangers are in Instagram from NorCal and Nemesis I followed on You Tube had an APG package. I'm trying to...
  11. Average life of the stock battery?

    I meant Jumpstarter like this. You never know when you need to Jumpstart the rig.
  12. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    Do you guys know if we can just get the hoses only? I bought the sensor last month and thought it would come with the hoses but this particular part number did not.
  13. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    Mine came back after 10K miles, so maybe it's every 10K miles replacement. Plus I had added to clean the direct fuel injection.
  14. Average life of the stock battery?

    Three years for me, It died on a rainy day and I can't find any replacement so ended up calling AAA since I was a member. Carry a jumper with you. I had an Amazon brand just in case.
  15. Flatbed Camper

    This was my setup last weekend for the Camping at Borrego Springs.
  16. Flatbed Camper

    I think so, same technology on military inflatable boats. Only issue is I need a tent extension to sleep comfortably and to place my extra gear. So far it did good on freeway speed.
  17. Flatbed Camper

    I had, going to use it again this weekend. Our Ranger bed is a bit shorter than Tacoma. I ordered a tent extension and should update the pics this weekend.
  18. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I went to Grand Prix in Long Beach over the weekend and saw this Gate King. The guy said that his out with Ford Ranger model and all he has left is the full size truck. Told him that I would like to try his product when available. Has anyone here uses this?