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  1. Anyone ever have their infotainment freeze up?

    I have a feeling it happening to me is somehow caused by my Ipod. On my way home from work sometimes I have errands to run so there are some quick stop and go's. A couple times after quick stops when I started the truck back up, the infotainment would freeze on. I can change audio options (FM to...
  2. 2 different view points on the 2024 Ranger
  3. Happy Birfday

    Took delivery 1 year ago today. :clap:
  4. First service

    Took delivery on Feb 20th of last year, I have about 6300 miles so not quite at the interval but I feel time trumps that. Oil still looks "clean". I don't have a lot of confidence in the dealers service dept, (reviews aren't great) and the last time I went in for a warranty concern, the advisor...
  5. BEEFY!

    1. This thing is cool, and... 2. ITS A SCAB! :shock:
  6. Looking for feedback/opinions

    Looking at options for exterior lighting and stuff, and unless you got a Tremor (or a Bronco :rolleyes: ) there's not a lot of simple factory looking options for us "regular" Ranger peeps lol. Plus, having to feed wires and crap through the firewall and the dash is not something I really want...
  7. Now only if the 2.7 and manual would fit in the Ranger like this did lol
  8. Wheel and tire upgrade questions.

    Yes I have searched lol, and I am still going through though the threads here. But I figured maybe someone has already done what I am planning and can chime in with their experience and save me hours of searching and reading, not to mention possible wrong choices lol. :like: . I am planning a...
  9. Went down the rabbit hole on Youtube regarding the Bronco

    Was watching some Overlanding vids this past weekend, stumbled on this dudes page @OFFTHEGRIND (not promoting him or anything) Noticed he went from a Taco to a Bronco, then I started watching Bronco vids lol. Bronco is waaaaay out of my price range and would probably not fit in my garage...
  10. No...just no

    I don't even think a Scab version would look good.
  11. What in the world

    Looks odd
  12. Welp, add me to the list.

    Happened yesterday on my way home from work. Not happy about it obviously, but it could be A LOT worse. I was still at a red light and got rear ended. I believe the hitch took the brunt of the hit as there's not much ( that I can see) damage. Probably just rear bumper stuff and paint, maybe the...
  13. Oklahoma Sold: Raptor style grille with lights

    I mounted it, ended up liking the OEM grille better and took it back off. Didn't even leave the garage so I would say used, but new lol. I removed a couple of the brackets so it would fit in the box better, and I put the brackets and screws in a ziplock. $100 OBO shipped. PM me for faster...
  14. Thoughts?? Fixed pricing
  15. Hennessey Ranger Raptor

    Just saw this :shock:. Sorry if this belongs in 6G. I'm not registered there as I have no interest in a 6G lol. But this is badass!
  16. Is this normal?

    Regarding the front camera, the "line" (don't know the purpose of it) my OCD (and Ford's build quality lol) questions if the is supposed to be crooked or not. I've noticed it before, pretty much the first time I detailed the truck. Just kept forgetting to inquire about it lol.
  17. If you were waiting for a manual Bronco....

    Hope you have patience.
  18. My 3+ week review

    So far I would say it's positive. Even though I had a 2001 prior, I consider this 23' my first Ford as the 01' was just a POS DD I didn't really care about, to get me to and from work lol. Apples and oranges I know but I'll be making a lot of VW references as that's what I know. Positive: Being...
  19. License plate LED's

    Not a whole lot of info that I see yet, I'll keep looking through the lighting thread though. Just curious to those who have switched to LED's for the license plate, which ones did you go with and why? I found this in the search which is helpful. From what I have read so far, there is no issue...
  20. Interior lights

    Anyone every remove the overhead light/console cubby and/or the dome light in the rear? I don't want to break anything attempting this. I did a quick search in Youtube for a tutorial DIY no luck yet. I don't like the bright ass white lights and want to change them to red LED's (if possible)...