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  1. Saint Crispins Day

    Good read, language is pretty oldish.
  2. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Nature will take care of it on the roads. Back yard I'd drive it off. I saw hooded crow kill and pick up an adder few days ago. Was actually wondering why we haven't seen any for ages, but it seems that keeping a healthy bind population takes care of the issue.
  3. computer help needed from tech savvy folks !

    If the pictures are valuable, STOP. Don't do anything. Then bring the drive to some real data recovery service ( and let them pick the pieces up. Sound like you just lost drive information sectors so the data is still intact. If you don't mind losing the data and it's just nice to...
  4. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Drove to "neighbor" and cut down, limbed and cut to pieces fifteen birches of 15-20" dbh. Ranger worked as a transport and a watering hole for the whole 2 hours. Based on the chainsaw battery usage I really need the next gen PHEV with more than 150W outlets for charging the batteries.
  5. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    They did find tribo-ceramics doing that tho.
  6. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Well 20hp is enough for about 1 inch ground level trees with flail mover, so either he got some serious woods. Or maybe he's using rock burier/crusher attachment, as those tend to need decade or two more HP. Edit: Nope.. Rock burier ~40hp. Must be crusher...
  7. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Hmmm.. interesting. But I would say totally fake as John Deere is solid mat green.
  8. Beautiful Pictures

    If you click the pic to full size version, you can see 4 stars around the moon. I came to conclusion of the brightest to be Venus since it's magnitude is decade brighter than the others and it seems to be on the elliptic based on the sunlight direction. It's a picture of a frozen lake bay.
  9. Beautiful Pictures

    It's a hand held Chinese HDR composite from 3 pic series. That's why the moon is having an extra leg. And I think that the bright dot in the middle is called Venus.
  10. small tip when a load is sagging your trucks rear

    Hmm.. I just adjust the front lights from the front light adjustment knob. Guess that's ROW only.
  11. Happy 420 !!!

    Coca-Cola day might be a good addiction to the list.
  12. New Zealand TV ad for the Ranger

    Now if there were just a place where to put say 9 people in those trucks..
  13. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Dunno, might be good to save for a dissociative identity disorder test for the kid.
  14. California Rake or Carolina Squat?

    Sounds easy to me to circumvent. Just have a drop down fenders...
  15. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Yup. Nothing but trees there. They grow, fall down, go to lumber mill.. rince & repeat.
  16. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Current statistic average on the area is 7174€/hectare or 7706$/hectare (or about 2900$/acre).
  17. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Changed the chainsaw bar & chain as the postal service finally got to it. Testing revealed that oil was not flowing right so did also a deep clean. Ranger (tailgate) worked as a workbench. Also bought 30 acres of new forest and Ranger took me to sign the deal.
  18. Beautiful Pictures

    No point in washing the truck for next month or two. I got wet gravel roads which I drive so the truck is pretty much brownish gray constantly until the roads dry up.
  19. Beautiful Pictures

    Couldn't agree more on that... P.S. Few days ago it was +16'C :P