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  1. What the hell is this??

    get one of these. catch and release
  2. What State Are You From?

    Confusion. lived there my whole life
  3. Bought a 2019 XLT

    if the muscles in your arms have atrophied you will need this.....
  4. anyone had thyroid removed or thyroid cancer???

    ask if radioactive iodine ablation might be an option. they basically give you a large dose of iodine 131 orally that is absorbed by the thyroid gland, essentially killing all the normal and cancerous cells. im not sure how it works today, but years ago i was a nuclear medicine tech and...
  5. Looking for replacement lug nuts

    took yur advice. do like the look on magnetic
  6. Looking for replacement lug nuts

    well, they are 8 bucks cheaper, and i am a skinflint, so theres that. and i do like the idea of them being a little harder to steal
  7. Looking for replacement lug nuts

    this is the review i was trying to post. for some reason screenshot isnt working on my pc today
  8. Looking for replacement lug nuts

    thanks. i had a couple sets of these on my raptor and liked em. they do tend to rust a bit after a couple years, though, but inexpensive to replace. only thing that concerns me is this review on amazon. not really sure what he's referring to
  9. Looking for replacement lug nuts

    i have these in my cart and getting ready to order. they are 2mm narrower than yours, but amazon says they fit, so..............will these work...
  10. Mud terrains on my 2022 Ford Ranger Cooper Discoverer stt pro 275/65R18

    a little. had some good memories in that truck. a few offroad trips to utah with buddies. but it was almost 10 years old and i needed something new. couldnt spend 75k on a new raptor, and f150's well equipped were over 50k, so the ranger it is. i still post on FRF occasionally, but just in...
  11. Mud terrains on my 2022 Ford Ranger Cooper Discoverer stt pro 275/65R18

    i think you will like them. had em on my raptor when i traded it for the ranger. a little loud on the highway but not bad for an MT, and balanced out smooth as butter. considered em for my ranger in 265/70/17 but got scared off by the weight, price, and the fact that size only came in E load.