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  1. FP tuner LOCKED in device settings?

    Guys I had posted before about difficulties updating FP tune to latest version. I had no luck with the updates but I decided to reinstall original tune I had saved in tuner/programmer. Is it normal for device to be "locked" like it says in the device info? Just asking because maybe this is why...
  2. Those with FP tunes who have updated to latest version?

    I was hoping somebody with Ford Performance tune could send a screenshot after you click on "update" vai the Procal download tool? I have the procal unit connected and have voucher registered with active account with FordPerformance as needed. However after many failed attempts to update I keep...
  3. Nissan Titan Dead

    Tried to make article sharable but it basically said Nissan announced no plans to return the Titan back in the full size U.S. truck market. Taking on the big 3 proved a tough challenge for them. My loaner truck is 22 Titan and really feel it's a good quality truck with competitive price point...
  4. Support group for those wanting to drive their Ranger but can't due to high gas price

    Post is kinda lighthearted but may very well become reality. Tune with 93 grade has halted my Ranger drive time in half and used more as a driveway decoration
  5. Fuel injector cleaners recommended at intervals?

    Are aftermarket fuel injector cleaners beneficial for the Ranger? Honestly I have never used them and unaware if they actually work. I already use 93 grade top tier fuel hoping it helps with any carbon deposit buildup but just wondering if injector cleaner is really necessary and at what...
  6. North Carolina Used running boards wanted for supercab

    In need of used running boards or nerf bars. Prefer Go Rhino or OEM but will consider anything that will fit supercab. Almost everything available for sale is only for crew cab right now I will pay shipping if needed.
  7. Bug deflector/hood protector

    Hoping to get some insight before I make the purchase. I was unable to paste image of the product for reference. Leviton Ford website has genuine ford hood protector/air deflector for sale that has a raised lip towards the windshield. It's mounted solely with 3M tape. So my question is...what...
  8. Finally content with the vibes

    Just wanted to clear the air about my 21 SCAB vibration issues. Recently I posted some rants about intermittent and excessive vibration while at highway cruising speeds. I had noted vibrations were so severe that it made driving a complete hassle. Well finally no more vibrations and I'm finally...
  9. Running boards and lower ground clearance

    Will soon be purchasing and installing side step bars for the first time. I am trying to find out if how much ground clearance I would lose from installing the step bars. For example mounting hardware from one manufacturer might make the bars lower to ground than another different manufacturer...
  10. North Carolina Wanted - Running Boards

    In need of used running boards, either factory or aftermarket for 21 Ranger XL supercab. Preferred black not chrome. Brand new ones are out of my price range so I am looking for used. Will pay for shipping if out of state
  11. Tow haul for daily driving safe?

    I'm sure this has been discussed previously but couldn't find thread. Is it ok to drive 100% of the time in tow mode for daily driving like I would in regular D mode? FP tune installed if that matters
  12. North Carolina Sprint Boost V3 throttle controller for sale

    For anyone in market for throttle controller I have like new V3 Sprint Boost controller (latest generation) that I can sell cheaper than retail. They do work well but I have no need and used it maybe twice. Good thing about Boost controller is you can default back to stock with push of a button...
  13. Am I driving too high? Tire air pressure suggestions

    I've been doing highway driving (unloaded) on tires inflated to 42psi. Seems way too high. Tires are non stock 116XL tires (265-65-R17). These tires are rated at 49psi max on sidewall but for ride quality I dont see why 35psi wouldn't ride better. Also the tire chart online recommends 35psi for...
  14. Riddle me this... (NVH)

    So the vibration saga continues. I have had tires re-balanced and re-alligned. The next step to resolve is having Ford service inspect or conduct appropriate TSB for vibes. Question os this... How can Ford service diagnose problem if they don't have access to frequency equipment and or have...
  15. FP tune return to stock?

    Just curious what the procedure is for returning back to stock tune via procal4. Don't have access to my manual to refer to on this. I assume all stock files have already been saved on unit. Do I just press "return to stock" on the procal and wait to upload? No laptop, no wifi. Thanks in advance
  16. Need new fasteners. Where to order online?

    Besides Ford dealer, where can I buy new plastic fastener/clips for securing front cowl (above radiator)
  17. Ranger/Frontier 0-60

    Who has lowest 0-60 run? Ranger w/FP tune or new 22 Frontier?
  18. Anyone here using FP ecoboost tune combined with throttle controller?

    Anybody else here have both FP ecoboost tune & aftermarket throttle controller on their Ranger? Just purchased Sprint Boost controller to help improve lag in throttle response and hoping it does the trick.
  19. Discarding K&N filter after getting FP ecoboost tune?

    For you guys/gals who installed Ford Performance ecoboost tune (Ford Ranger). How many of you decided to discard K&N air filter and use the factory paper filter instead? I initially used the K&N filter a gew weeks but could not justify using it due to insufficient particle filtering concerns...