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  1. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hey Benny, Looking at Part Number: M-18000-B1 any codes/discounts that I could use for it? Thanks!
  2. Oh yes...this question again - Which suspension lift?

    I have Eibach set around 3" and 17x9 0 offset and 275/70/17. Love the ride no complaints from me
  3. Sync3 Issues

    That's probably a smart idea, i just pound my screen till i can change the source :crazy:
  4. What are you cooking/smoking?

    Been a bit since i've used the green egg for smoking but here's my last cook
  5. Sync3 Issues

    looking forward to this bug being fixed, annoyed with being blasted with AM radio static first thing in the morning
  6. I Lifted my Corvette 4” - You can’t make this stuff up

    Looks like thst thing couldn’t turn a corner without a 3 point turn
  7. 275/70R17

  8. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I hope it was well behind the tee box cause we’ll you never know :crackup:
  9. Beefed up 2WD's. Let sse those pictures and here the performance stories!

    this thing kills it on the trai…uhhh highway and rough terrain of my front yard parking space :rockon::crackup:
  10. What it must be like..

    I swear, y'all act like the "other truck" people are the deranged ones but then make posts like this all over the forum. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess lol
  11. Georgia 17” Sport Rims Atlanta $200

  12. Georgia 17” Sport Rims Atlanta $200

    Think you have the wrong person. I believe you bought my lariat rims/tires off of me tho about 2 years ago lol
  13. Georgia 17” Sport Rims Atlanta $200

    bump $100 for all 4. Come and get them off my porch lol
  14. Ford's new F150 Lightning battery pack is so powerful it can be used to power Americans' homes during blackout

    I don't know much about energy draw, but you're telling me it can power a full house (article stated AC/Electronics/lights and everything) for 3 days but only go 230-300 miles as a car? Seems like those 2 don't equal up at least from a gas comparison.
  15. Unscheduled Lariat 2022 orders LED headlight delete - is $500 credit enough?

    Hell no, a good aftermarket LED headlight runs anywhere from $1200-1500 and that would be without installation costs. I'd ask for more IMO or tell them to install OEM LED headlights at a later date for free.
  16. Georgia 17” Sport Rims Atlanta $200

    Yup still have them
  17. When Do You Fill Up?

    Somewhere between 10-50 miles to empty. Also usually depends on when I'm going to be close to the nearest Costco.
  18. Anyone want to throw an estimate at this damage ?

    We playing price is right style? If so $1...but in seriousness I'd guess a couple grand especially if you need a new headlight
  19. Wrong door handle

    Built ford tough?
  20. Georgia 17” Sport Rims Atlanta $200

    Yeah to be honest im not really looking to ship these, seems like a lot of hassle.