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  1. 2.3L EcoBoost SP-594 Spark Plug Change Write-Up (60k Miles)

    already handled the DPFE around 45k. Had the part sitting in the shed until even my gf was noticing the surging. Glad I did it. Such a rinkydink little part with such a huge affect on driving quality... Was figuring next oil change i'd do my plugs tho!
  2. 2.3L EcoBoost SP-594 Spark Plug Change Write-Up (60k Miles)

    55xxx miles, thanks for the writeup! debating when i'm replacing.
  3. Slow Sales

    1- UAW strike during the critical production period in 2023 for 2024 rangers. there is a significant gap in inventory - cant sell what doesn't exist. its not like dealers are overflowing with 2023 rangers rn. my dealer doesn't have a single one on the lot. 2- why run out and buy a leftover 2023...
  4. Approx how long do original pads last?

    52k and rotors were warped but pads were fine. 33's installed at 8k miles for a little more rotational wear and tear on the rotors/pads. Upgraded rotors and ceramic pads just went on a few weeks ago - couldn't be happier.
  5. How long did your factory tires last (miles)

    still at 8000 miles sitting in my shed - holding up great :crackup:
  6. My headlights suck

    its the startup sequence for me LOL I can't stand it but they were such a better deal than the Morimoto's...
  7. My headlights suck

    Converted to AlphaRex projectors and never looked back. Stock headlights were absolute dogshit. They're DOT approved. Projector anddddd they're on sale. Also added BajaDesigns amber fogs - 10/10 would recommend. The wide beam is epic. However these options are way more expensive than swapping...
  8. Traction Bars !

    did you have lean, and did this affect it at all?
  9. Crooked truck

    Yeah, took it to my spring shop because the driver's side lean bothered me so much. Offroad/HD Spring Shop in Jersey, the guys know their stuff. They re-arced and it resettled back to the same 1/2"-3/4" lean. From what I've read/seen/experienced in the wild - some Ranger's do this and Ford is...
  10. Wheel offset help!

    +20 285/70/17 in my showcase. 2" fox level.
  11. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    following. still have my original as well.
  12. Bucking/Surging Epidemic

    this is what I did yesterday. all 6'3" with my legs fully horizontal leaning on my battery and around the hood strut. pulled it next to my deck so I could basically climb into the engine bay to reach the stupid clamps. In regard to this thread/part LB5Z-9J433-B: My truck starting hesitating...
  13. How to remove Foglight trim?

    I believe you need to completely remove the bumper. On my buddy's tacoma the fog pockets are super accessible, when installing mine I definitely had to remove the entire bumper to get the trim out. edit- i believe the crash bars are what's in the way
  14. POLL: Which Coilovers Did You Get

    Fox 2.0's, may do the rear leafs eventually. holding off on more mods until I see if the 2023 truck will have that awesome green the bronco has EDIT: or 2024* whenever we get the new truck
  15. Poll: Which Leaf Springs Did You Get

    Some say, he is neither Old nor an Emu... but he is French! (also blocked)
  16. Leveled, Tuned, and Pedal Commandered. Wow!

    The cliffnotes on not cutting the crashbars and giving you a more aggressive look as you stated is 265/70/17 tires on the stock wheel. +0 offset wheels stick out a decent amount +20 is what I run (albeit on a wider tire) +35 is barely any poke
  17. How Should I Park?

    rubber side down