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  1. Your Age-Your First Ford-What You Learned To Drive On-Your Rangers Year!

    I am 65. My first car was a 1967 Mustang. Acapulco Blue with white ( make that yellow ) interior. It had a 289 V8 & a 3 Speed on the floor. I paid $600 for it ( saved up all summer to put half down ). minimum wage was only a dollar an hour back in 1973. She was in pretty bad shape, so I got a...
  2. Oregon Fender vents for sale

    I want them both!
  3. Just Hit 20k Miles After 10 Months of Ownership - Fuel Economy Insights

    I can't really complain about my mileage after a year & 18,000 miles. I am averaging 24.3 MPG. I have a 60 mile round trip commute ( or at least i did before Covid ) which is mostly interstate. I was running about 70/30 Highway vs City. Now that I only go into the office twice a week, I have...
  4. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Hey everybody, I just bought my 6th Ranger. It’s a 2019 Super Crew Lariat 2WD in Magnetic Gray. It has the Sports package, Technology package, & the trailer package. I will try to post a picture when I can. I have been reading this forum for a couple months now. It really helped me learn all...