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  1. Let's See Your Christmas Trees & Decorations

    No pictures of the tree yet but have this.
  2. Average life of the stock battery?

    I bought my 2019 new and at around 15k I was in traffic in my small town and forgot to disable auto stop and when I let my foot off the brake the truck died. Got a jump and went to the dealer and battery was totally dead. So far my 2022 has almost 20k on it and still going good.
  3. 40k service, and I mean 40k!

    I go to the dealer because it’s required for their lifetime power train warranty.
  4. Rough Country Soft Tonneau Cover Review

    That’s the one I have and have no complaints. I put some thick foam at the front of the bed for the open space and rubber seal at the tailgate and no water gets in.
  5. Simple question, does Top Tier no ethanol fuel exist?

    Where I live a lot of our gas stations have what they call Rec 90.
  6. Tremor road trip

    I haven’t yet took a long road trip with mine but I traveled to Hilton Head SC from Kentucky back in 2020 with my 2019 Sport and the truck road great up and down through the mountains. And IMO my Tremor rides a lot better so I would say it would be a great vacation vehicle
  7. Report your MPG

    I got this the past week. Stock Tremor. Very happy.
  8. Report your MPG

    Stock Tremor. This was last week mostly commuting to work. About 44 miles round trip. Always have ran Shell 93. My 2019 Sport 4x4 I had never got this good commuting to work. Sorry for the blurry picture but it says 23.3 mpg.
  9. Coasters

    If anyone wants something made message me and I can send you their Facebook group.
  10. Coasters

    That could be what it is I haven’t seen it yet.
  11. Coasters

    They made these also
  12. Coasters

    I don’t think they have a site yet. They use soft type plain coaster and put whatever design you want on them. They just started a couple of weeks ago. They put designs on shirts and many other things. I will see how much they cost.
  13. Coasters

    Just showing off what my daughters made me to match my truck. They have bought some machines and have been making all kinds of things. I just took a picture of my decal and they matched it.
  14. Car coasters

    My daughter made these to match my truck. They have bought some type of setup and have making all kinds of things.
  15. Why did you pick the Ranger over the Tacoma?

    I had a new Pro4x before I bought my Tremor. Honestly it felt like a well built truck to me. The main thing that really bothered me when in cruise if you were on any incline the transmission would drop probably 5 gears and hit well over 5k rpm to gain two mph. I got a great offer from Carvana...
  16. Why did you pick the Ranger over the Tacoma?

    Better payload, towing, ride quality, gas mileage and price is why I went with my Tremor.
  17. Paint Issue - Debris under paint?

    This is on the lower passenger door. I just noticed it this weekend after cleaning. I’ve had my truck about 3 weeks. Would this be covered under warranty? I know it’s difficult to see in a picture.
  18. Tennessee Go Rhino RB20 Side Steps

    Do you still have those boards for sale?
  19. Go Rhino Rb 20 Instal

    I just got my Tremor and wanting some more protection from rock chips. How do you think they are doing for that? I have some mud flaps but after putting them on I am not for sure I like them.