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  1. Replace on door weather strip

    A final follow-up. I have been out and about this afternoon running some errands with my wife. Happy wife, happy life. :) Anyway, to the point, the remaining wind whistle I was hearing is gone. The deformity on mine was in the upper corner of the front door where it meets the rear door. The...
  2. Replace on door weather strip

    Update. Yes, that arm has to be loosened to do this replacement. However, replacing the weatherstrip is very easy. The only challenge I had was tightening the screw for the arm back down. I actually partially stripped the head, so with a little creative hammering of my bit into the head of the...
  3. Replace on door weather strip

    I need to replace my on door front door weather strip. I purchased it from Benny, but I need a little guidance from someone that has done this. Any suggestions? Again, this is the one that mounts on the door. My only real question is, do I need to disconnect that arm that has the position...
  4. Finally a Ford TSB to Try and Fix our Transmission Problems (TSB 24-2046)

    This transmission is also used in numerous GM vehicles. Are they also having these issues? My Ranger has never shifted well from 3-4-5 when cold, even after the software update. I am @70k miles now.
  5. Need advice regarding new tires.

    I am running Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra on mine. My truck is a '19 Lariat 4x4, but I rarely do any serious "off road" activity in it. But I will say they are very good in snow/ice conditions. My driveway is very steep, but if I lock it in low it will gently go down my driveway without a slip...
  6. Tonneau and MPG

    If you add a tailgate seal kit it will take care of just about all of the dust. Added one to mine and am truly surprised at how well it works.
  7. Tonneau and MPG

    Rumor has it that if you add a tailgate damper it will double fuel mileage.. :) But on a serious note, the tonneau cover made no difference for me either.
  8. Save Battery Message

    I think most of us have seen this. It is because Ford set the max charge of the battery way too low. Using Forscan I upped mine to 90% and since then have never seen this again, even after the truck sat at home unused during a 2 week vacation. Another advantage I have seen since increasing the...
  9. Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful 2024

    So sorry Rob. Prayers for you and your daughters. Not quite the same, but my step-mom and a grandmother both died in the same week back in June. Both were somewhat expected, but still... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! This is a great forum for many different reasons.
  10. New Taco review

    First off, I am a Ford guy through and through. However, before I bought my '19 Ranger I did at least sit in all mid-size trucks at the North American Auto Show. The Taco was my only other vehicle I was giving thought about. Two things made my decision easy. First one is, the drivers seat sits...
  11. Nearly flawless Ranger

    My '19 Lariat 4x4 has been a very solid truck. Have I had a few minor issues? Of course. But not a single failure of any component with 67k and counting on the odometer. Like must of us, the 3-4-5 shift pattern, especially under lite throttle, is not perfectly smooth, but after having the PCM...
  12. Infotainment Warning Message

    The most helpful solution is use Forscan and change the ridiculously low battery charge setting. Ford set it at 75% of capacity. Way too low. Changed mine to 90%. I never see the shut down warnings anymore, even after the truck sat 10 days while we were on vacation. Also, my fuel mileage has...
  13. SYNC Will Not Update

    You may be better off to log into the Ford owner site and download the Sync update to a USB this time. It sounds like your last update must have left off something which is why the search function is not working. Also, you have to be connected to a Wifi network, but I assume you knew that. :)
  14. auto stop/start acting up and radio randomly rebooting

    I do think your battery is probably done. But, there is another issue going on. Ford set the max battery charge level @75%, which means our batteries are way below the charge they need. I reset mine, using Forscan, to 90% and I never see the shutdown screens, etc.. anymore. And, ironically, my...
  15. message when starting truck

    It means you are seeing the effects of a battery and charging system that is set to too low of a charging state by the factory. I used Forscan to reset mine to 90% of potential charge and I have never seen that message again... Factory setting is 75%, way too low.
  16. When should I have the transmission filter and fluid changed on my 2019 Lariat?

    I had a complete service done, so flush and filter included. I had several things done at this visit, but I believe it was around $350. Our transmission holds 12 quarts of fluid btw. To me this service is money well spent.
  17. When should I have the transmission filter and fluid changed on my 2019 Lariat?

    I just had mine done on my '19. I have 62k on mine. I also had the transfer case service done. Yes, I used my dealer. I have noticed a positive since the transmission service was done. My 3-4-5 shift is much smoother now. I had dealer reflash the PCM last year per a TSB, which helped with...
  18. It all started 4 years ago

    Wow, you guys don't drive much! I have 62k on my 2019. :)
  19. Interest Rates

    Interest rates are high currently, and getting worse. My wife and I, with an 800+ credit score, got a rate of 6.75% for 60 months on our nearly new 2021 Explorer Limited we bought last month. But, interest is not all of the picture. We bought our Explorer, fully loaded 4x4, 28k miles, for $15k...
  20. Windshield Tinting

    I am in TN. It is true that the font doors are only supposed to be 35%, but I had the shop I used match the rear windows, so I have 20% all around. I absolutley love it! Night vision is good, but daytime driving is so much less tiring now. I had an older Ranger a few years ago with limo 5% tint...